Top 15 Best Bridal Makeup Artists In Delhi NCR

Best bridal makeup artists are tough to find according to your need. The Indian weddings are universally knowns for their excellent and royal rituals going from Haldi Mehendi, Sangeet to Engagement, Wedding, and Reception. The extravagant affairs need some additional work on the makeup front! What’s more, this is the place where makeup artists act like heroes.

An ideal Indian bridal makeup is one that amplifies your beauty adorning your appearance. Your bridal makeup ought to be fitted to you in the same manner your wedding outfit is.  It requires a trained eye that can instantly choose tones that complement your physical appearance.


Bridal makeup is perhaps the main thing that ought to be chosen before as there are different kinds of Bridal makeup that are accessible. The Indian Bridal makeup artists help their clients with makeup, hairstyle as well as outfit styling. Knowing every one of your options is the smartest choice to picking the ideal bridal makeup look for your ceremonies. You can go with either HD Makeup or Airbrush Makeup.

Each woman must discover the features they want to enhance and pick their makeup look accordingly. So here are some popular makeup artists in India that will certainly assist you with picking and choose for your wedding hair and makeup.

1. Sandhya Shekar


Dolling up Deepika Padukone; Sandhya Shekar has made  matte, clean base as her signature look. With some shades of copper in her eyeshadow and a hint of blush; Sandhya is rocking the no-makeup route. Her work is beyond perfection and works very well for Indian skin tones.

2. Kriti & Bhawna Rathore


Kirti and Bhawna Rathore offer a wide assortment of services like bridal makeup, engagement makeup, celebrity makeup, hd makeup, airbrush makeup, and many more.  With a thing for a fairly quieted-down makeup look even with emotional winged eyeliner, you can’t miss following these makeup and hair craftsmen. Regardless of whether it’s making everything meet up with a touch fly of highlighter or flushed cheeks, they make a point to allow you to sparkle in your normal excellence.

3. Guneet Virdi

Guneet Virdi is a professional celebrity makeup artist in Delhi, with extraordinary mastery and information in changing a woman’s beauty with a hint of her makeup brush. Directly from the insignificant looks and the strong ones, to going extra on shine and sparkle with a sensational edge, her feed isn’t anything not exactly a sacred goal of thoughts.

4. Shaan Muttathil


From dolling up Jacqueline Fernandez to brides; Shaan’s work is all about glam. He knows how to maintain a perfect balance between subtle, glam ad glitters.

5. Leena Bhushan


Leena Bhushan is one of the best in the profession. The group is driven by Leena Bhushan and has gathered a ton of distinction and love from the wall the brides she has dressed up. Her Instagram account overflows with style looks that make certain to ideate you for your own functions. Regardless of whether it’s a strong eye-popping look or a restrained hearty one, it’s a safe house for every one of you!

6. Mickey Contractor


Not yet over Priyanka Chopra’s bridal look? His not-over-the-top bridal makeup look is all about simplicity, elegance, something that is flattering. Whether it’s dolling up B-town beauties, social media influencers, or brides; his idea of makeup is very feminine, chic, and classy.

7. Meenakshi Dutt


Meenakshi Dutt is a makeup sovereign who leads the makeup business and makes sorcery with her work and makes everybody fascinated with her tremendous talent. She has various studios set up in various pieces of Delhi with an extraordinary feeling and comfortable climate to offer an incredible pampering session before your D-day.

8. Kriti Dhir

Kriti is a youthful and capable makeup artist and hairdresser. Kriti comprehends that each bride of the hour needs to hope to look lovely and delightful at her wedding. She ensures that her brides are decked up so that every one of them are glad and fulfilled and look colossally delightful on their big day.

9. Makeup By SP Eastland

Makeup By SP Eastland

Makeup by SP Eastland gives you a makeover that reflects your character in the most hypnotizing way and she does this by improving and featuring your ordinary facial components. While she stays up to date with everything new and most recent, her feeling of exemplary style is very obvious in her work.

10. Amrit Kaur

Amrit Kaur

Amrit Artistry from Delhi(NCR) is your one decision for a wide range of makeover needs. Quite possibly the most notable makeup services, they offer top-class experience to their customers by understanding their requirements and wants and working in like manner. Additionally, her play with colors for a tense and stylish look merits fainting over!

11. Piya Arora

Piya Arora

Piya Arora is a renowned bridal makeup artist. Piya’s trial yet imaginative fashion awareness merits extolling. Her makeup motivation merits sticking to your mood board both for your Indian and western wear.

12. Shahid Naar

Shahid Naar

Mua Shahid Naar does some genuine wizardry with her makeup wands. Regardless of whether it’s going unobtrusive for your d-day or choosing a sensational winged eyeliner, she’s going to ensure that you surpass among all precisely like you’re intended to on your wedding.

13. Natasha Moor

Chasing for pristine and moderate makeup ideas for your D-day? Look no further and go follow Natasha Moor on Instagram. With an ability to chip away at a face with a fast rush of her sorcery wand brush and abilities, Natasha Moor’s work justifies itself in an unmatched manner.

14. Namrata Soni

Namrata Soni

One of the most powerful names in the makeup business, Nailing the specialty of upgrading facial style with Namrata’s Signature. She is ideally suited for the brides that like subtle and muted makeup that makes them gleam and disdain whatever’s ludicrous. She is really obliging and knows her work.

15. Parul Garg

Parul Garg

If all else fails, book a meeting with Parul Garg as she has confidence in making you drawing out the refined rendition of yourself. She has been in the field for a long. She creates simple and subtle makeup to intense and bold makeup by fabulously featuring your best facial features.

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