Blush Tips: A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Apply Blush Perfectly

Either you are opting for a no-makeup look or a full face of makeup, one product that is constant across both routines is a blush. Blush acts as a beautiful add-on to your makeup. Making your complexion healthier, skin youthful; just a few swipes of blush add a glow to your face that highlighters and bronzers cannot provide. The Best bridal makeup artist in Delhi is KBR Makeover bring a guide for you.


It is easy to go overboard and look like a clown when it comes to blush. Even though apply blush seems to be a pretty easy task to do; finding the right blush, your skin type, your tools, and techniques play a crucial role in giving you a flush of color.

This article gives provides you a complete guide about how to apply blush- colors, techniques, and much more.

1. Prep your skin


In order to make your blush last longer; it is very important to prep your skin. Start off with a gentle cleanser followed by toner, serum, moisturizer followed by sunscreen. Once the skin is prepped; layer your blush on your foundation for a more flawless and finished look.

2. Identify your face


In order to accent your face, you must identify your face type and apply the blush accordingly.

  • Oval-shaped face


If you have prominent cheeks, a narrower chin, and a forehead; it is best to start from the cheekbones bringing the blush down towards the earlobes. In order to give a more put-together look; add a bit to the temples as well.

  • Square face


If you have straight sides and a fairly flat jawline; add the blush all over the cheekbones from the corner of the brow to the hairline to add a flush of color.

  • Round Face

Round Face

People with curved jawlines and cheeks have round face. Round face people must look in the mirror, smile, and add blush to the apples of their cheeks. Even add the color to the temples as well as towards the earlobes.

  • Heart-shaped face


Prominent cheekbones and a narrow chin, are the characteristics of a heart-shaped face. From the top of the temple down to the cheekbone; apply it in a C-shaped manner with more product along the cheekbone.

  • Oblong face

Oblong face

People with forehead, cheeks, and jawlines of the same width have an oblong face. For them; applying to the apples of the cheeks along with some on the forehead and temples gives a healthy flush of color to the face.

3. Pick the correct shade


Blush isn’t of the same shade. You need to pick the correct shade as per your complexion. The tip is to pick something that is close to give you a more flushed look so that it looks more natural. You can choose the shade by applying a pinch to your cheeks.

  • For people with pale and fair skin tones, light pinks give a good flush of color.                                                                                Guide-On-How-To-Apply-Blush-Perfectly
  • Light-medium skin tone people can go for peachy pink shade to get a glow of color on the cheeks, temples, and a bit on the forehead.                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • For golden or olive skin tone people, it is recommended to pick brighter, punchier pink blushes.                                                    Guide-On-How-To-Apply-Blush-Perfectly
  • Darker skin tone people can go with bright apricot shades for glowing and radiant look.                                                                    Blush

4. Pick the correct blush formula

As per your skin type; you can choose your the formula. Generally, there are three types of blushes: powders, creams, and stains.


  • For normal or combination skin type people; it is advised to pick creamy formulas as they give a youthful, glowy, and flushed look. Creamy blushes are easy to apply and blend easily.


  • For oily skin type people; cheek stain works well. They give a dewy look and last longer. Stains must be blended immediately thus apply little and then you can build it up.                                                                                                                                      Pick-the-correct-blush-formula


  • For dry skin type people; powder blushes are the best. They glide over the pores very easily and give a youthful look. They can cake up easily if the skin is still dry; hence advised to prep the skin well.


5. Blend your blush thoroughly


Just applying the blush isn’t enough; it is important to blend it properly for a more flawless and radiant look. Some go with makeup brushes, some with blenders while some use their hands. Blending is the key to a natural flush without any harsh lines.

6. Build your blush


When applying it; always keep in mind to start off slow and take little product.  This will help you get the desired color you want. In order to make your color look more natural; take the product in the brush or in the sponge and go in a circular direction.

7. Layer Your blush


Layering is the key if you want your blush to last longer. Some people go with a creamy blush and then top it off with a powdered blush. This technique will make your blush last longer and give a finished look.

It gives a quick dash of color to the face that warms the complexion and looks wonderful. With the understanding of correct face shape, It’s formulas and techniques to apply; a simple blush can even uplift your makeup look.


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How You Can Apply Bridal Eye Makeup Perfectly And Get That Glowing Look

Wedding Makeup and Flash Photography go connected. So it is fundamental we pick the best eye makeup which likewise photos well. Realizing that eyes are the best element of the face, you should feature them with ideal bridal makeup for the eye. Eyes say a lot and everyone can peruse that shimmering eyes of the bride.

The eye makeup is significant for each bride of the hour. It can illuminate the entire makeup, yet additionally carry a fundamental energy to the look. Brides will focus closer on the eye makeup skills. You will discover different eye makeup thoughts for bridal eye makeup in the post. From warm tones to cold tones, you can discover distinctive hued eye makeup to match your wedding lehenga.

Steps to apply eye makeup


  1. Skincare: To begin with; start with the CTM routine. This will thoroughly prepare your skin and give you an instant natural glow.
  2. Foundation: Pick the right foundation that suits your skin type and apply it on your face and on your neck.
  3. Concealer: Conceal the dark spots, dark circles, and any type of pigmentation and discoloration.
  4. Eye shadow: Choose an eye shadow that coordinates with your bridal lehenga, if not, a brilliant with smoky dark suits wonderfully with any of the dress tones. Utilize a brush of superior grade to apply the eye shadow over the top, simply over the wrinkle, start from within (nose-side) and move towards the outside.

Apply another coat again from the center of the clid, give strokes towards the edge of your eyes and mix the shade well. This strategy will assist you with adjusting the tones similarly everywhere.

  1. Kajal: Once done with eyeshadow; it’s time to put on some kajal. You can keep it as it is or even blend it for a more dramatic look.
  2. Eyeliner: Now it’s time to throw on some eyeliner. Cat-eye, drop eye, sleepy eye, thin eye’ whatever you desire; to finish your look.
  3. Mascara: For a much voluminous and thicker lashes; add a few layers of mascara to complete your look

Technique to apply eyeshadow:


  1. Apply a base eyeshadow to the lids: Using your eyeshadow brush clear add a base shade on your eyelid. Spot the shading into the crease of your eye when your eyes are open, and work down toward the lash line.
  2. Pack more obscure shadow in the eye crease: Dark tones draw in light, so setting a hazier tone of shadow in the crease of the eye makes your eyes fly by adding depth in the specific right spot.
  3. Edge your lash lines in super-dark shading: If you’re not a gigantic devotee of eyeliner, you can get a comparably significant look with a super-dark eyeshadow. Utilize a level, short-shuddered brush to press the dark shading along the edges of your upper eyelid where your eyelashes start, and along the lower lash line.
  4. Feature with a beautiful shimmery shadow: Make your foreheads pop and add lift by adding a shimmery pale eyeshadow or pencil straightforwardly under the temple.

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Questions You Should Think Before Hiring A Makeup Artist

Tips to Avoid Summer Wedding Makeup Meltdown

Questions You Should Think Before Hiring A Makeup Artist

The big day look is the thing that you’ve longed for so often and to make that ideal bridal makeup, you need somebody you can trust. So, hiring a makeup artist who must be experienced in the business; somebody you realize will do equity to your assumptions.

As a lady of the hour, you may be seriously looking through Pinterest and Instagram for bridal makeup inspiration and might have a reasonable thought of how you need to look on your D-day. The subsequent stage is to track down the ideal MUA who can reproduce what you have at the top of the priority list. Furthermore, that is precarious! Yet, relax, we have you covered.

All things considered, there are an assortment of inquiries to pose to a makeup artist and this prompts getting a decent arrangement and brilliant administrations at the same time. We have curated a rundown of inquiries to pose to a MUA before you feel free to enlist them, read on to know in subtleties.

1. If he/she is available on the assigned date?


Prior to jumping into an itemized discussion with the possible hair and makeup artist on your rundown, the primary question ought to be in case they are accessible on the assigned dates of the wedding function. With the appeal of all specialist organizations, you should be sure that the hair and makeup artist who you need to pick is accessible on the dates that you have picked for the wedding.

2. Have you done bridal makeup previously?

Numerous MUA’s will disclose to you that they have a ton of involvement with the business yet discover how experienced they are with bridal makeup. You’re not going for a typical party look; it’s your large day and you need to appear to be unique from the remainder of the ladies going to your wedding. Guarantee that your MUA is equipped for the present situation. Furthermore, for doing as such there are some basic inquiries to pose to a makeup artist.

You need to know these subtleties:

  • What number of brides have you worked with preceding this?
  • What sort of bridal makeup looks do you chip away at?
  • Would you be able to show a few pictures of bridal makeup done by you?
  • What products/application procedures do you deal with?
  • Which look and application strategy would you suggest for my skin type?

3. Will you do a preliminary trial?


Regardless of whether you check their work completely, getting a makeup trial is significant. It won’t just offer you the chance to convey precisely what you need, however you can likewise perceive how the makeup artist functions. Inquire as to whether they charge extra for the trial meeting in light of the fact that all things considered, they’re giving you their expert time and exertion.

4. What is included in the bridal package?

Some makeup artists just incorporate makeup while others offer an excellent assortment of administrations separated from makeup like hair styling, beauty treatments, skin care treatments and some more. Contrast their charges and others and check their online media pages, site, and surveys through our catalog to improve thought.

5. Are you free to do my bridesmaids’ or family members’ makeup?


Most makeup artist consume a large chunk of the day to do your makeup and in this manner continuing on to your relatives or companions or bridesmaids to do their makeup may turn into a problem except if obviously, they have a devoted group for something very similar. While numerous hair and makeup artist like to work alone, numerous others accompany a gathering of different experts to help them on the large day. In the two cases, using time effectively is the key and you should ensure in case they are available to doing the makeup for your relatives and the bridesmaids as well.

6. Who all are their in his/her group?


Inquire as to whether they work alone or in a group. You should likewise inquire as to whether they work at the setting or at the salon. While numerous MUA’S would be available to go to the setting, some artists and beauticians like to work at their salon. In case it’s a group of experts, there may be a few makeup artists, hair specialists, or photographers cooperating for the ultimate result.

7. What products would you use for my skin?


There are so many skin types that you can’t utilize a standard item for numerous types. Right off the bat, you should explore all the distinctive bridal makeup look to improve your best elements with your skin type and shading. Really at that time, you will actually want to comprehend the strategies they would use to make your skin look impeccable.

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