The Ultimate Guide On How To Apply Bronzer

Bronzer is the go-to beauty item for getting a brilliant, sun-kissed shine and glow. Regardless of whether it’s matte or shimmery, dusting some bronzer on the face complements and lifts your cheekbones, shapes your face, and makes a warm, radiant look.

Bronzer is utilized to contour, shape, and characterize, or to just make the emanation of a sun-bath! Bronzer is tied in with making the skin look healthier. This means you’re making an effort not to give your face a phony tan—you’re simply attempting to warm it up.


The world of bronzers incorporates many shades, textures, and finishing. The type of bronzer you pick for your skin totally depends upon your skin tone, skin type, and face shape. Your bronzer ought to be around two shades darker than you are, depending upon how dramatic you need your tan to look.

Types of bronzers formulas

Your skin type will likewise influence which sort of bronzer you use. As a general rule, there are four sorts of bronzers: powder, liquid cream, and gel bronzers.

  1. Powder Bronzer


Powder Bronzer works for all skin types. It is great for combination skin-tone people because it stays intact and doesn’t slide. The application process is super easy. You just have to swirl your brush on the product and dust the product on your face.

  1. Gel or Cream Bronzers


Gel or Cream Bronzers work best for dry or normal skin types as it doesn’t;t leave behind any patches. It is recommended to use a makeup sponge to dab the product on your face.

  1. Liquid Bronzer


Liquid Bronzer formulas work best for people with dry skin or for those who want a dewy, silky finish. The product can be applied using a makeup brush or even a makeup sponge.

Shades of bronzer

The shade of the bronzer totally depends upon your skin’s undertone. You can easily determine your undertone by looking at your veins. If they appear distinctively blue; it means you have cooler undertones. If they look greenish; then you have warmer and if you cannot differentiate between the two then you are from a neutral undertone family.

  • For people with cool undertones; lighter hues of rose or peach, beige taupe, and pink are better than orange and red tones.
  • People with warm undertones can go with shades of golden-brown colors.
  • For those from the neutral undertone families; shades that are neither yellow nor pink – natural brown-based shades work the best.

How to Apply Bronzer for Your Face Shape

  1. A Heart-Shaped Face

A Heart-Shaped Face has a wide forehead and narrow chin. Thus in order to bronze a  Heart-Shaped Face sweep some bronzer to temple and above your hollows of the cheeks. You can even add a small amount to your chin.

  1. A Square-Shaped Face

A Square-Shaped Face means the width of the face is roughly equal to the length of your face. To bronze, a Square-Shaped Face; blend some bronzer in across the apples of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose in a “W” shape.

  1. An Oval-Shaped Face

An Oval-Shaped Face means the width of the face is smaller than the length of your face. To bronze, this type of face; dust the product to the apples of the cheeks and blend it well.

  1. A Rectangle-Shaped Face

A Rectangle-Shaped Face means the length of the face is longer than the width of your face. Rectangle-shaped face people can sweep some bronzer along the top of their cheekbones, close to their hairline, and at the tip of their chin.

  1. A Round Face Shape

People with a Round Face Shape have wide cheekbones and narrow chin and forehead. You can simply apply your bronzer on the apples of your cheeks and out slightly onto your temple, close to your hairline.

Steps to apply bronzer

  1. Prior to Your Bronze: Prep Your Skin


Before you apply, bronzer blush, or any makeup items to your face, it’s consistently a smart thought, to begin with, a spotless, hydrated face. To do so it is best to layer your skincare products. Start with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. You can even add a serum or face oil. You can finish your skincare by throwing some primer to your face to let the makeup stay for long.

  1. Buff It Out


Buff It Out

In order to get rid of extra product you must buff it off.  Tenderly rub a soft mixing brush over the bronzer, tap off any excess and whirl it in little concentric circles

  1. Carve the Cheeks

Carve the Cheeks

In order to carve your cheeks; swipe a line of bronzer from the ears to the apples of your cheeks and blend it thoroughly in a tiny circular manner.

  1. Define the Nose


To showcase a shape and pointed nose; dust some bronzer down each side of your nose and blend it well.

  1. Define your forehead
Define your forehead

Define your forehead

For a much narrow forehead; apply some product along your hairline on your forehead and blend thoroughly.


An Incredible Guide To Applying Highlighter

An Incredible Guide To Applying Highlighter

Adding a whole new category to makeup; highlighter has become very popular in the past few years. They give a dewy, fresh glow to your face. Whether working in office, attending zoom calls, weddings, date nights or other events; from day-to-day events to special occasions; highlighter offers the perfect glow you need.

Highlighting can be interesting as well as a bit tricky. A lot in some wrong points of the face will give you an unnatural sparkle that might look similar to a Halloween. Try to utilize the item sparingly and in designated regions just, to underline and highlight your skin’s normal glow.


No makeup look seems complete without the perfect highlighter finish. Even though a highlighter has to power to illuminate our facial features; mastering the technique isn’t easy. Whether looking for a soft glow or a full glam look; here is everything you need to know about highlighting.

Types Of Highlighters

The highlighter comes in creamy, powder, and liquid formulas.

  1. Powder highlighters


Powder highlighters are a holy grain of everyone. People are very much addicted to them. They look very similar to a compact except for the shimmer and can be applied using a fan brush or angled brush. These types of highlighters can be easily built.

  1. Cream Highlighter


These are applied directly to the area without the use of a brush. Just putting the product directly and dapping it gently using the warmth of the finger gives the perfect glow you are looking for.

  1. Liquid Highlighter


Just squeezing out the product and applying few drops on desired areas and patting it is all you need. The product comes in tubes and are easy to carry.

Where to Apply Highlighter on Your Face


  1. Cheekbones

Many people wish to have a youthful appearance; hence highlighting your cheekbone is the best option.

  1. Bridge and tip of the nose

In order to accentuate and make your nose look thinner; apply the highlighter on the tip of your nose or on the bridge of your nose.

  1. Cupids Bow

To draw attention to your lips; apply a highlighter on your cupid’s bow.

  1. Beneath the arches of the eyebrows.

To give more definition to the eyes and make them looks wake; apply some highlighter on the arches as well

  1. Center of the forehead

For a more contoured face; many people apply a highlighter to the center of their forehead.

  1. Center of your chin

For a chizzled; defined face; apply some highlighter on the center of your chin as well.

Tools you will be needing


In addition to a good quality highlighter either cream, stick, or powder form; you will also be needing a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Along with that; a makeup sponge and a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush.



In order to get a perfect glow using a highlighter; you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Prep Your Skin


The whole point of applying a highlighter is to have a glow on the face. The most important step in achieving healthy and glowy skin is by prepping it well. Keep your skincare routine easy and do not complicate well.

  1. Apply Your Foundation


It is not a compulsory step but if you want a bit of coverage; you can apply foundation as a base. And if you want more glow to your face; you can even add a facial oil or illuminator to your foundation.

  1. Concealing


It’s time to conceal your face. Not just to hide your dark spots but also to give a lift to the face.

  1. Contouring and blush

Contouring and blush

Contour your face well with a bit darker shade than your original skin tone. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. It’s now time to illuminate your face with the highlighter.

How to Find the Best Highlighter


The most ideal way is to search for a highlighter that is two shades lighter than your skin. That way, your face will go=low naturally and not like a disco ball. Like the foundation, your highlighter should appear as though it’s essential for your skin and mix flawlessly to give a sheen and flawless base.

  • Fair skin: Lean towards hues like lilac, peach, pearl, silver, and champagne.
  • For Medium skin tone: Go for peach or gold undertones
  • For Deeper skin tones: Look for rich golds, copper, and bronze tones

The 7 Most Common Makeup Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Despite the fact that makeup can make you look excellent, once in a while awful makeup decisions can demolish your look. Every skin is unique and thus some products work for someone while some do not. In a similar way; not every makeup trend or makeup routine works for everyone. We all have committed some normal makeup errors, and honestly, there is no harm in that? Like the way, we all have bad hair days but we still tend to style our hair every day, same goes with makeup; due to some makeup blunders, you must not give up on makeup.

The internet today is bustling with some cool new makeup trends and inspirations. But do understand that not everything is meant for you.

It takes a long period of time for most women to become masters and pro with their makeup skills. During this tenure of time; they end up committing to some highly avoidable blunders. Thus in order to ensure that you have a smooth sailing makeup journey; we have listed down some of the most common makeup mistakes and how to correct them.

1. Foundation Mismatch


This is quite possibly the most widely recognized makeup botches done by everybody. The foundation is either excessively dark or light. The reason for applying foundation is to make your skin flawless and it ought to be a careful match to your complexion. Wearing the wrong foundation shade can make you look horrendous. It happens when you test the foundation on some wrong of your body.

Women tend to check their foundation shade on the back of their hand which is the most inaccurate part to try on since the skin of your hand is very much different from that on your face.

Solution: When looking for a foundation always test it on your jawline, not your hand. Mix and blend the foundation well. Additionally, it is encouraged to check the foundation in natural light.

2. Use of concealer


Concealer is similar to foundation except it’s generally thicker and it helps to hides dark circles, age spots, blemishes, and more blemishes. Some people tend to choose a shade that is too light or too dark for their skin tone. Another concealer blender done is that; women tend to layer their concealer as a result the makeup looks caked on and clumpy.

Solution: The easiest way to avoid the wrong concealer shade is by testing the product first and then purchasing it. While doing so; it is important to even check for the formula and if it works for your skin or no.

One must understand that concealer has a thick formula as compared to the foundation and just a little concealer can go a long way if blended properly.

3. Unblended Blush on Your Cheeks


Some women tend to just put the blush on the apples of their cheeks and do not blend it as a result your blush looks very clumsy and cakey. Unblended blushes just look like patches of pink on your cheeks that make your entire makeup look very chalky.

Solution: In order to get a natural flush with no harsh lines; it is recommended to blend your blush with a damp sponge or a stiff brush.

4. Eyeshadows


Eyeshadows are fun to play around with but can also be very tricky and make our look clumsy if not used properly. Women tend to forget their eye shape; hence the makeup looks very lousy. Not just your face; but also your eyes must be prepped well for the makeup to look flawless. The eyes must also be prepped well to let the colors sit well and pop. This step is usually skipped by many women. Another very common eyeshadow blunder is that when omen apply eyeshadow; the fallout might sit on your foundation resulting in messing your base.

Solution: The use of eye cream, primer, concealer is very much important in the eye area as well to let the colors pop well. The fallout can be skipped by doing your eyes first and then the base also use of less product can ensure your eyeshadow looks clean.

5. Use of Highlighter


For a glowy and dewy look; people go for highlighter, but some go overboard and end up looking like a disco ball. Some people want to look like a mythical Greek goddess and to achieve that; the end results make them look oily and grease ball. Another common makeup blunder is that; people tend to apply highlighter to the wrong parts of their face. Even highlighters come in different shades. Many people tend to use the wrong highlighter shade that makes the makeup look awful.

Solution: To achieve a glowy look; apply a highlighter after foundation but before blush. Highlighter lifts up your face and thus must be applied on the high points of your face. Some highlighter shades have peachy undertones some have undertones pinky some have bronze undertones while some have white undertones.

Pale-skinned women must go with pink highlighters; dark-skinned rock peach to bronze highlighters while medium skin tones look gorgeous in peachy highlighter.

6. Use of mascara


Another holey grain of every woman is mascara. Some women tend to apply the mascara horizontally that doesn’t make any changes to their eyelashes. Some even skipped the curling part and directly apply mascara to their eyelashes.

Solution: Applying the mascara vertically makes your lashes long since the wound reaches your roots. Layering is essential to get voluminous lashes. Always curl your lashes before applying your mascara to break the lashes easily.

7. Use of lipstick


Lipstick is a bold part of your makeup. Lipsticks need a smooth base for application. Dry and chapped lips make your lipstick cracky and cakey. Also; many women apply too many layers of matte lipstick which is a perfect recipe for disaster making your lips cakey, flaky, and full of cracks. Not every shade works for every skin tone. Ladies choose the wrong lipstick shade that makes them either way too fair or way too dark

Solution: Hydrating and scrubbing the lips must be an essential part of your routine. A basic understanding of undertones is essential to choose the correct lipstick shade.

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Blush Tips: A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Apply Blush Perfectly

Blush Tips: A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Apply Blush Perfectly

Either you are opting for a no-makeup look or a full face of makeup, one product that is constant across both routines is a blush. Blush acts as a beautiful add-on to your makeup. Making your complexion healthier, skin youthful; just a few swipes of blush add a glow to your face that highlighters and bronzers cannot provide. The Best bridal makeup artist in Delhi is KBR Makeover bring a guide for you.


It is easy to go overboard and look like a clown when it comes to blush. Even though apply blush seems to be a pretty easy task to do; finding the right blush, your skin type, your tools, and techniques play a crucial role in giving you a flush of color.

This article gives provides you a complete guide about how to apply blush- colors, techniques, and much more.

1. Prep your skin


In order to make your blush last longer; it is very important to prep your skin. Start off with a gentle cleanser followed by toner, serum, moisturizer followed by sunscreen. Once the skin is prepped; layer your blush on your foundation for a more flawless and finished look.

2. Identify your face


In order to accent your face, you must identify your face type and apply the blush accordingly.

  • Oval-shaped face


If you have prominent cheeks, a narrower chin, and a forehead; it is best to start from the cheekbones bringing the blush down towards the earlobes. In order to give a more put-together look; add a bit to the temples as well.

  • Square face


If you have straight sides and a fairly flat jawline; add the blush all over the cheekbones from the corner of the brow to the hairline to add a flush of color.

  • Round Face

Round Face

People with curved jawlines and cheeks have round face. Round face people must look in the mirror, smile, and add blush to the apples of their cheeks. Even add the color to the temples as well as towards the earlobes.

  • Heart-shaped face


Prominent cheekbones and a narrow chin, are the characteristics of a heart-shaped face. From the top of the temple down to the cheekbone; apply it in a C-shaped manner with more product along the cheekbone.

  • Oblong face

Oblong face

People with forehead, cheeks, and jawlines of the same width have an oblong face. For them; applying to the apples of the cheeks along with some on the forehead and temples gives a healthy flush of color to the face.

3. Pick the correct shade


Blush isn’t of the same shade. You need to pick the correct shade as per your complexion. The tip is to pick something that is close to give you a more flushed look so that it looks more natural. You can choose the shade by applying a pinch to your cheeks.

  • For people with pale and fair skin tones, light pinks give a good flush of color.                                                                                Guide-On-How-To-Apply-Blush-Perfectly
  • Light-medium skin tone people can go for peachy pink shade to get a glow of color on the cheeks, temples, and a bit on the forehead.                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • For golden or olive skin tone people, it is recommended to pick brighter, punchier pink blushes.                                                    Guide-On-How-To-Apply-Blush-Perfectly
  • Darker skin tone people can go with bright apricot shades for glowing and radiant look.                                                                    Blush

4. Pick the correct blush formula

As per your skin type; you can choose your the formula. Generally, there are three types of blushes: powders, creams, and stains.


  • For normal or combination skin type people; it is advised to pick creamy formulas as they give a youthful, glowy, and flushed look. Creamy blushes are easy to apply and blend easily.


  • For oily skin type people; cheek stain works well. They give a dewy look and last longer. Stains must be blended immediately thus apply little and then you can build it up.                                                                                                                                      Pick-the-correct-blush-formula


  • For dry skin type people; powder blushes are the best. They glide over the pores very easily and give a youthful look. They can cake up easily if the skin is still dry; hence advised to prep the skin well.


5. Blend your blush thoroughly


Just applying the blush isn’t enough; it is important to blend it properly for a more flawless and radiant look. Some go with makeup brushes, some with blenders while some use their hands. Blending is the key to a natural flush without any harsh lines.

6. Build your blush


When applying it; always keep in mind to start off slow and take little product.  This will help you get the desired color you want. In order to make your color look more natural; take the product in the brush or in the sponge and go in a circular direction.

7. Layer Your blush


Layering is the key if you want your blush to last longer. Some people go with a creamy blush and then top it off with a powdered blush. This technique will make your blush last longer and give a finished look.

It gives a quick dash of color to the face that warms the complexion and looks wonderful. With the understanding of correct face shape, It’s formulas and techniques to apply; a simple blush can even uplift your makeup look.


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Tips to Avoid Summer Wedding Makeup Meltdown

There isn’t anything that sounds more lovely than the possibility of a summer wedding makeup. Tying the bunch at a late spring open-air wedding accompanies a lot of advantages: Sunshine, warm breezes, and shocking dusk. In any case, it additionally implies heat – and sweat! What isn’t pretty, nonetheless, is the melting makeup, particularly in case, it’s your big day.

We have incorporated a rundown of tips for wedding makeup that doesn’t experience any meltdown or give you one. Check them out:

1. Wash your face with cold water


Subsequent to cleaning up with a cleanser, flush with freezing water. This will make your pores close up overall quite close, which will keep them from delivering as much oil for the duration of the day.

2. Skin prep


For wedding makeup to remain unblemished for longer hours; clean up, apply a primer, utilize a top-notch foundation, and polish it off with a setting spray.

3. Foundation


Use a without oil foundation from a decent brand followed by powdering your face with a brush.

4. Bronzer


A bronzer should be utilized with alert. The beating sun will add an additional sheen to your face in any case, so utilize a bronzer that has relatively little gleam.

5. Blush

Go for powder rouge rather than a rich creme formula that will cause your skin to show up oil. For the flushed look to last, apply a cheek stain and match it with the shade of the blushing powder.

6. Eye makeup


  • Apply the concealer you have utilized all over, all around your eye-tops to keep up with consistency since we Indians have an additional sheen on their eye-covers due to a normally oily surface.
  • Utilizing a waterproof mascara or a liner isn’t sufficient to point toward the sun. For the powder to remain on your eye-covers, utilize an incredible eye base. Then, at that point utilize a smirch free eyeliner and a water-confirmation mascara. This will set you up for the minutes when your feelings bubble and you need to relinquish yourself at the time by crying a tear or two.

7. Lips

lips- Wedding-Makeup

  • Apply lip balms with a base SPF worth of 15 all the rage. This saturates your lips as well as helps the lip pencil to coast along without any problem.
  • Pick the exemplary summer tone as indicated by your complexion. Reds, oranges, and shades of pinks work best in a day wedding.
  • Shading in your whole mouth with a lip pencil so your lip stick doesn’t drain in the warmth
  • In the wake of applying the lipstick, blotch it with a tissue. Apply a dash of gleam on the lips so they don’t seem dried.
  • At long last, apply the lipstick concealer to take care of the wedding makeup.

8. Touch-up bag

Touch-up bag

A touch-up bag is pretty much as significant as your whole make-up! Have it convenient all through your wedding. Remember the accompanying for it:

  • Blotting papers
  • Face powder
  • The lipstick and a shine
  • A container of concealer with a smaller than expected brush for speedy final details
  • Q-tips to tidy up under the eyes

9. Stay hydrated.


Drinking a ton of water before your big day will assist you with looking new and give you an excellent sparkle.

10. Try not to touch your face!


This is the main culprit behind your wedding makeup not lasting long. Each time you touch your face, you’re clearing a portion of your makeup off!

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Tips For Wearing Contact Lenses On Your Wedding Ceremonies


Tips For Wearing Contact Lenses On Your Wedding Ceremonies

You might be wearing contact lenses for quite a long time yet wearing contact lens on your big day is an entirely different world. As your big day draws near, contact lenses are presumably the keep going thing at the forefront of your thoughts. The dress, makeup, the setting; there are countless more significant things to contemplate, isn’t that so?

Wearing contacts or trying different things with shaded lenses for your wedding is an extraordinary method to upgrade your bridal look. The glare from your glasses can influence wedding photographs as well, so contact lenses can be the more intelligent decision. That is the reason we’ve made a contact lens tips guide for bride-to-be’s.

TIP1: Wear A Fresh Pair On Your Wedding Day

TIP1: Wear-A-Fresh-Pair-of-contact-lens-On-Your-Wedding-Day

Regardless of whether you wear lenses on daily basis or you are just trying out something new and fun for your wedding; you’ll need a new pair that will give you the littlest measure of issues conceivable on your big day

TIP2: Have A Trial Run Before


On the off chance that you’ve never worn hued lenses or even typical number contact lenses, it is essential for you to basically wear them 2-3 times before your big day. Contact lenses take some time to become acclimated to so you can’t simply wear them on your big day interestingly and hued lenses are considerably more troublesome becoming acclimated to, brides. Additionally, you need to know ahead of time what shade of contact lenses suits your skin tone and your lehenga to look wonderful on your big day. That is the reason we suggest that you have a preliminary attempt preceding the huge day to be really certain of what you need.

TIP 3: Wear Your Lenses On Your Own


As senseless as this sounds women, don’t make another person put the contact lenses in your eyes. If it’s not too much trouble, practice a few times however do it all alone with clean hands. It can get truly terrible if the makeup artist’s nail jabs your eyes or then again if the focal lens doesn’t settle as expected. You’ll wind up having red watering eyes which won’t get typical for a couple of hours and up to that point you’re going to be so awkward. Trust yourself to have the option to do this all alone and incorporate contact lens on your wedding all alone.

TIP 4: Always Carry A Spare Pair


It could be possible that your lenses fall out or disappear in the air or any other mishappening. Thus in order to avoid such circumstances; always carry an extra pair of lenses along with you.

TIP 5: Know Your Rituals


Perhaps the most posed inquiries by Indian brides are that is it safe to wear contact lenses close to fire. The response to that question is indeed, yet it accompanies conditions. You need to actually look at what kind of lens you are wearing and that you are so near the fire. While most Indian ceremonies needn’t bother with you to be incredibly close or even have more modest flames nowadays so you ought to be protected!

TIP 6: Wear Your Lenses Before The Makeup Starts


Once in a while, the eyes begin watering when you put the lenses on. It is totally normal however it is really downright terrible the makeup since something or the other will get destroyed. That is the reason you need to put on your lenses before your wedding makeup starts. Indeed, it will be great as your eyes can get sufficient opportunity to become acclimated to the lenses, and afterward, you can calmly endure the makeup meeting.

TIP 7: Makeup Tips To Take Care Of

Makeup Tips To Take Care Of

  • In case you are wearing a contact lens on your big day, never apply eyeliner to the inward cover of your eye. This could sully your lens.
  • Likewise, keep away from powder eye shadow, oil-based makeup, and fiber mascara, as they can adhere to your contacts and bother your eyes.
  • Oil-based concealers and foundations can advance at you throughout the span of the day.
  • Close your eyes when utilizing spray splashes, for example, hairsprays, while wearing your lens. Such items might leave a leftover film on the lens.

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Everything You Need To Know About Makeup Trials

Wedding arranging begins a very long time before the enormous occasion. Every Bride should have a look on Makeup Trials. Choosing the setting, fixing the menu, hurrying to the shops to pick that ideal bridal lehenga, requiring hours giving the preliminaries to pick the best for the most anticipated day. Everything’s with regards to the months prior to the wedding situation. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about our delightful ladies and their wedding makeup?


Actually like you can’t pick a lehenga prior to giving a preliminary, you can’t go for marriage cosmetics without taking bridal makeup trials. The makeup artists consistently recommend the bride-to-be makeup trials with the goal that they can get the ideal search for their big day. A makeup trial will make you certain with regards to your big day look as you can explore different avenues regarding distinctive wedding looks and pick the ideal one for you.

Here are some basic do’s and don’ts you can guarantee on your makeup trial that will go far in assisting you with your last marriage look!

  1. Do remember that most great MUAs charge for a trials. So get clearness on that ahead of time.
  2. Try not to plan your makeup trials over 90 days before your wedding, you may change what you need out and out if the hole is excessive.
  3. Do talk about it with your MUA. Disclose to them your skin type, different preferences the elements you like or don’t care for, and your vision as a lady of the hour.
  4. Do ask your alternatives, and pick the best contingent upon your skin type. Do you need to enhance with an airbrush or HD makeup? What’s more, what will suit your skin better?
  5. Try not to be terrified to be a bit test however say you need the smokey eye and bare lip look-on the off chance that you have it as a main priority, attempt it and accept a call!
  6. Do check and guarantee that the shade of your face and neck is the same. The last thing you will need to look layered on your unique day rather than displaying a perfect and regular appearance.


  1. Do have something you need at the top of the priority list have a Pinterest board or two or three pictures put something aside for the sort of cosmetics look you need.
  2. The majority of makeup artists do exclude hair in the makeup trials. Accordingly, let your MUA think about your hairdo inclinations. In case you’re intending to add a few assistants to your hair, advise your MUA in advance to stay away from any disarray on the big day.
  3. Try not to go for any look that is ‘too trendy. Patterns go back and forth, yet your wedding look must have an ageless look-it’s a unique event!
  4. Take pictures under various lights to find out about the look.


  1. Do wear your lehenga at the trials in the event that you’ve as of now got them, or if nothing else wear the adornments and the shirt at the preliminary. Assuming not, wear a comparable shading top to the one you have as a top priority for your wedding lehenga.
  2. Do take a stab at dupatta wraps that go with your look! Simply trial to have some thought on an enormous day to envision your last look!
  3. Try not to allow an excessive number of individuals to impact your perspective. Take an assessment from a few close kin or companions who you can trust.
  4. Do take a stab at falsies in case you’re not happy with it in advance. Assuming not, take a stab at individual lashes which may be more agreeable for you.
  5. Do consider contouring to draw out your best provisions, and let those cheekbones pop!
  6. Try not to remove the makeup just after the trials. Attempt a long wearing test for somewhere around 5 to 8 hours to test wearability.

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Interesting Ways To Use Vaseline In Home And Life

Vaseline is one skincare item found is everybody’s beauty and makeup kit. The moderate pharmacy staple has been around for a very long time — and in light of current circumstances. Vaseline has some truly groundbreaking makeup uses. It’s one of those unhyped items that none of us purchased, yet we as a whole have a container of it lying around some place. While it may not be the first or last thing you go after in your every day schedule, it’s ostensibly one of excellence’s most overachieving multi-taskers. From hydrating skin to eliminating make-up, here’s the way you can make this your vaseline balm:

 1. Hold scent back from fading away.

Hold scent back from fading awa-Interesting Ways To Use Vaseline In Home And Lifey

Vaseline can truly help your perfume scent last longer. Rub vaseline over your perfume focus areas like the cleavage, behind the ear, neck, and wrist. This will make your fragrance last more.

2. It gives you a characteristic sparkle.

It gives you a characteristic sparkle- Interesting Ways To Use Vaseline In Home And Life

As an option in contrast to sparkling highlighters, spot a little along with the highest points of cheekbones, down the scaffold of your nose, and under temples for a characteristic, downplayed sheen.

3. It substitutes for mascara.

It substitutes for mascara

On the off chance that you don’t adore mascara yet desire characterized lashes, cover them with a little Vaseline for a lustrous completion. Petroleum jelly leaves lashes molded, yet it’s even reputed to assist them with developing. Not only that; Vaseline will also give volume to your lashes.

4. Make your legs and hands gleam and glow.

Make your legs and hands gleam and glow

Blend Vaseline in with your favorite liquid bronzer. Spread the equation on your legs just as hands for a gleaming, glowy look.


5. Save your teeth from lipstick stains.

Save your teeth from lipstick stains

Apply a thin layer of vaseline to your front teeth before you apply lipstick. This will ensure your lipstick doesn’t adhere to the teeth,  every last one of us may have encountered, embarrassingly so throughout everyday life!

6. Eliminate eyelash glue.

Eliminate eyelash glue

Faux lashes look gorgeous and are very easy to put on. It very well may be interesting to get them off without pulling out your regular lashes, as well. Rub a bit of Vaseline on your lash-line and the falsies will fall off a lot simpler.

7. Keep your eyebrows in line.

Keep your eyebrows in lin- Interesting Ways To Use Vaseline In Home And Lifee

Vaseline can truly help in controlling and subduing uncontrollable eyebrows. A spot of it will assist with keeping your eyebrows smooth and glossy after you’re finished preparing and filling them.

8. Change matte eyeshadows.

Change matte eyeshadows

To transform your matte eyeshadows into a glowy one you should simply prime covers with vaseline jelly prior to applying matte shadows to give them an in a split second shiny sheen.

9. It takes out self-tanner streakiness.

It takes out self-tanner streakiness

Rub a little Vaseline along your wrists, lower legs, elbows and knees prior to putting forth a concentrated self-tanner to hold the equation back from sticking to any dry regions and stay away from inconsistency.

10. Stain removal

Stain removal

Eliminate cosmetics smudges for your garments in the event that it ends up contacting your face in any capacity. Spot a little Vaseline with a sodden fabric and it will make the mess a lot lighter and presumably take it off! It can even assistance in taking scrapes off patent calfskin shoes.

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The Best Makeup Trends For Women In 2021

Types Of Bridal Makeup Every Bride-To-Be Must Know Before Booking A Makeup Artist

The Best Makeup Trends For Women In 2021

After what feels like an unending length of time of skincare, and insignificant zoom-meeting makeup, its time for some intense, fun makeup trends. Regardless of whether you view yourself as a moderate delight aficionado or a makeup beginner, there is a stunner trends for everybody. Whatever makeup routine you follow, these makeup patterns are going to line up with your way to deal with magnificence during pandemic occasions! From intense, burgundy lipstick to splendidly hued lashes, these are the best makeup trends of 2021 that you need to think about.

1. No-Makeup Makeup look

beautiful makeup look by KBR Makeover

Perfect and dewy skin, gently flushed cheeks, nonpartisan hued lips, brushed up brows, fluttery lashes—they’re all vital elements in making this beautiful no makeup look. Wear it for day or night, for work or end of the week; in any case, you’ll look staggering.

2. Starry Lids

Starry Lids eye makeup look- KBR Makeovers

These elegant covers are verification that don’t have to go wild with shadow or liner to make an epic eye makeup look. To DIY, prep your lids with  an eye primer and afterward use tweezers to painstakingly put shimmery stars from your internal to external corners of your eyes. The sparkle adds the ideal measure of glitter and sparkle

3. Multicolor Eyes

Multicolor Eyes - Best Makeup Trends- KBR Makeovers

Continually spouting over brilliant eye makeup. Well my companions; the time is yours. 2021 has seen some truly cool and invigorating colorful eye trends. All you need is neutral-colored primer and a palette loaded with colorful shades.

4. Violet Lashes

Violet Lashes - KBR Makeovers

Violet Lashes talk more with regards to dramatization. It’s thus, so natural—just prep your lashes with a white lash mascara, then, at that point layer on a few layers of dazzling purple mascara.

5. Cat Eye liners

Cat Eye liners - KBR Makeovers

Get your dark fluid liners, people, in light of the fact that the exemplary cat eye is back for 2021. Pair it with intense temples, extra-long lashes, and impartial shaded matte lips for a look that is glitz yet nice.

6. Electric Blue Eyeliner

Electric Blue Eyeliner

The realistic eyeliner pattern isn’t going anyplace. Feel free to trade out your normal dark fluid eyeliner for a dazzling blue one and use it to draw a fresh cat eye, then, at that point tap a smidgen of shimmery shades on your internal corners to light up the entire look.

7. Sparkle eyeliners

Sparkle eyeliners

Change your eyelids into minimal happy party decorations with a swipe of thick sparkle. Leave the remainder of your face straightforward and let your eye look sparkle.

8. Glossy Eyes and Lips

Glossy Eyes and Lips

Simply utilize an neutral cream tone on your eyes and lips (you can even touch a little on your cheekbones) and finish it off with a face gloss sparkle for a wet-like sheen.

9. Berry Stained Lips

Berry Stained Lips

The best thing about lip stains? They don’t move. Exfloliate your lips first in any case the shade will sink into almost negligible differences or breaks and afterward press a popular, berry-hued stain directly onto your lips.

10. Red-Orange Lip

Red-Orange Lip

This isn’t your normal red lipstick second. The intense dark red shade has warm, orange-y suggestions and arrives in a matte completion that is absolutely staggering. Extra focuses for matching it with flushed cheeks and soft foreheads.

11. Peach Lips

Peach Lips

Delicate, simple, and remarkably wearable—the sweet lip pattern is ideally suited for consistently. Pick an analgesic recipe for a full, dewy impact. The peach lipsticks are perfect for summers just as for winters and assist with making your whole makeup look more set up.

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Types Of Bridal Makeup Every Bride-To-Be Must Know Before Booking A Makeup Artist

How to determine skin type ?



Your Dream Makeup Artist is Here


Summer is all about playing with bright colors , radiant finish foundations and extra highlighter for that sun-kissed glow . Defining lips for the summer look should be fresh and effortless . Select a nude shade that is similar to your lip color . This will look more natural and fresh . For the eyes , brushed up brows are in trend , it enhances your grown out arches and open up your eyes. Take any bright color from your eyeshadow palette and apply all over your eyelids . Use of waterproof mascara is recommended for this season to withstand a hot summer day.


Peach is definitely the look , the color and the mood for spring. Try earth toned shadow that creates a soft Smokey eye and pair with a peachy pink or use coral shades to create an Ombre effect , finish your eye look by putting some lashes  . Blush is a product to use in this upcoming spring season , apply on the apple of your cheeks and blend into the skin with an angled brush . Medium coverage foundation and soft velvet – texture lipstick in a brown toned nude shade enhance the look completely .


Neither too bright nor too muted , colors like rust red , mustard yellow , mid Brown’s define autumn . Simple everyday makeup , using the usual products , but not a regular lipstick . Simple eyes with a few coats of Mascara and your eyes are done ,  just with a little bit of foundation and contour your look can be enhanced . Contouring will help your cheekbones look more chiseled and sucked in . Putting a semi -matte lipstick in crimson red shade add the perfect color , this warm red shade is not too dark and not too bright is perfect for this season.

Winter look

Maroon is one makeup color trend that’s not going away anytime soon , And winter is all about dark tone . Moreover , dark shades looks classic and stunning . Girls mostly hate the fact that sweat washes out their heavy makeup . However , in winter cold weather never leads to wash out . It’s actually the best time of the year to wear a bold red lip shade . There is a theory that there is one perfect shade of red for every woman.

Doing a full face of makeup with neutral eyes , winged liner or a graphic liner with a subtle blush compliments your bold lips this winter.


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