Types Of Bridal Makeup That Every Bride Should Know

Bride-to-be gets all invigorated and anxious as their big day draws near. Of the relative multitude of decisions to make for your pre-marriage ceremony, your day-of glitz can be one of the additional staggering ones. You will be taking bunches of pictures, which is the reason you need your Type of bridal makeup to be on point.

You have found your engagement outfit; wedding lehenga: now it’s time to book a makeup artist- the person who can doll you up in the most appropriate and royal manner. Today, makeup artists come up with different kinds of makeup that can surely blow away your mind. It can surely be difficult to pick the perfect one. With zero expertise in this department; you need to think twice about what will suit you the most. Hence we came up with an entire guide that will help you make the perfect decision for your D-day. Here are some Types of bridal makeup for you:

Types Of Bridal Makeup

High Definition Makeup or HD Makeup


HD makeup is one of the types of bridal makeup which highly used. Gone are the days when it was practically difficult to shroud flaws, wrinkles, breakouts on cameras. Thanks to professional HD makeup products that offer a characteristic, non-cakey, and subtle flawless bridal look. Prominently known as High Definition makeup, it helps improve one’s best feature of your face while disguising the defects against the amount of texture and pigmentation.

HD makeup is the thing that most celebrities and international professional makeup artists trust and value. The makeup contains quartz, silicon, mica, and crystals, which diffuses light and covers imperfections. It helps your skin look perfect. On the off chance that you have, scars or noticeable pores texture and pigmentation, HD makeup is intended for you.

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush Makeup has been a mainstream pick for bridal makeup in the ongoing year. It is a lightweight makeup applied through a  spray gun machine that delivers a dainty, even layer of makeup and makes a very skin-like completion. It gives a cleaned and porcelain-like impact to your face that looks pretty perfect on brides who don’t have any significant skin issues. It is most appropriate to ALL skin types if the skin is prepared and prepared well.

This method doesn’t utilize the regular brushes, sponges, and magnificence blenders for application. Thus, if you have amazingly delicate skin, this can be a decent alternative.

Mineral Makeup


Mineral Makeup is made of minerals, which are substances found in the earth. It’s a sort of natural makeup. For the most part, it depends on minerals rather than synthetic elements. The primary components are minerals, iron and zinc oxides, Mica powders and Organic oils. They are ground into small, shining particles for our skin’s utilization. Organic oils are by all accounts preferable endured by the skin over ordinary makeup. With Organic oils, the normal fixings and non-compound, no-aroma plans regard the skin. Minerals for the most part have no potential for excessively hypersensitive reactions.

This makeup will in general loan a characteristic sparkle or enlightenment due to the normal mineral metals. It doesn’t contain any colors or artificial substances. This is ideal for sensitive skin that will in general break out without any problem. Mineral makeup is exceptionally pigmented, long-lasting and for women with skin, break-out inclined. It is altogether more secure and contains SPF, which is ideally suited for outdoor shoots.

Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup

Another types of bridal makeup is Natural Makeup. There are times when we want to go for outright subtle and natural makeup. It gives the figment of amazing skin, regardless of whether you don’t have it. It utilizes the impacts of light and dull to make a satisfying look. They will help in highlighting your normal features and furnish you with extra glitz and magnificence. The primary concern about natural makeup is that it improves the wearer’s elements without being boisterous with the tones. It doesn’t contain different layers of makeup and upgrades highlights without getting carried away with colors. This look works best during spring and summer.

High-Shine Makeup

High-Shine Makeup

High Shine Makeup is about gleam and sparkle. It is made utilizing liquid formulas and huge loads of highlights. This is to a greater extent a completion and style. It is portrayed by the utilization of silver or champagne tones for more pleasant skin and bronze, gold, or copper tones for medium to dull appearances. Heaps of illuminator, highlighter and fundamental oils are utilized to accomplish a shiny completion. Sparkle can likewise be utilized to add seriously bling giving 90’s energy. It’s a pleasant search for those with dry skin.

Matte Makeup

Matte Look

A matte makeup look is one that gives your face a matte finish. It is eliminating all of the sparkle and gleam from your face. This not just shrouds the defects of the face but, it also gives you an exceptionally lofty and regal look. This look is best for oily skin types as it can limit the oily look however mix well like a delicate fine look.

Going matte can be useful to guarantee that your makeup stays matte and set up for long even without rehashed final details. Matte makeup will assist with controlling the overabundance oil of your skin and will cause your face to show up new and perfect the entire day. It has a more smooth completion that pulls light internal, frequently with a fine surface.

Blush Tips: A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Apply Blush Perfectly

Either you are opting for a no-makeup look or a full face of makeup, one product that is constant across both routines is a blush. Blush acts as a beautiful add-on to your makeup. Making your complexion healthier, skin youthful; just a few swipes of blush add a glow to your face that highlighters and bronzers cannot provide. The Best bridal makeup artist in Delhi is KBR Makeover bring a guide for you.


It is easy to go overboard and look like a clown when it comes to blush. Even though apply blush seems to be a pretty easy task to do; finding the right blush, your skin type, your tools, and techniques play a crucial role in giving you a flush of color.

This article gives provides you a complete guide about how to apply blush- colors, techniques, and much more.

1. Prep your skin


In order to make your blush last longer; it is very important to prep your skin. Start off with a gentle cleanser followed by toner, serum, moisturizer followed by sunscreen. Once the skin is prepped; layer your blush on your foundation for a more flawless and finished look.

2. Identify your face


In order to accent your face, you must identify your face type and apply the blush accordingly.

  • Oval-shaped face


If you have prominent cheeks, a narrower chin, and a forehead; it is best to start from the cheekbones bringing the blush down towards the earlobes. In order to give a more put-together look; add a bit to the temples as well.

  • Square face


If you have straight sides and a fairly flat jawline; add the blush all over the cheekbones from the corner of the brow to the hairline to add a flush of color.

  • Round Face

Round Face

People with curved jawlines and cheeks have round face. Round face people must look in the mirror, smile, and add blush to the apples of their cheeks. Even add the color to the temples as well as towards the earlobes.

  • Heart-shaped face


Prominent cheekbones and a narrow chin, are the characteristics of a heart-shaped face. From the top of the temple down to the cheekbone; apply it in a C-shaped manner with more product along the cheekbone.

  • Oblong face

Oblong face

People with forehead, cheeks, and jawlines of the same width have an oblong face. For them; applying to the apples of the cheeks along with some on the forehead and temples gives a healthy flush of color to the face.

3. Pick the correct shade


Blush isn’t of the same shade. You need to pick the correct shade as per your complexion. The tip is to pick something that is close to give you a more flushed look so that it looks more natural. You can choose the shade by applying a pinch to your cheeks.

  • For people with pale and fair skin tones, light pinks give a good flush of color.                                                                                Guide-On-How-To-Apply-Blush-Perfectly
  • Light-medium skin tone people can go for peachy pink shade to get a glow of color on the cheeks, temples, and a bit on the forehead.                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • For golden or olive skin tone people, it is recommended to pick brighter, punchier pink blushes.                                                    Guide-On-How-To-Apply-Blush-Perfectly
  • Darker skin tone people can go with bright apricot shades for glowing and radiant look.                                                                    Blush

4. Pick the correct blush formula

As per your skin type; you can choose your the formula. Generally, there are three types of blushes: powders, creams, and stains.


  • For normal or combination skin type people; it is advised to pick creamy formulas as they give a youthful, glowy, and flushed look. Creamy blushes are easy to apply and blend easily.


  • For oily skin type people; cheek stain works well. They give a dewy look and last longer. Stains must be blended immediately thus apply little and then you can build it up.                                                                                                                                      Pick-the-correct-blush-formula


  • For dry skin type people; powder blushes are the best. They glide over the pores very easily and give a youthful look. They can cake up easily if the skin is still dry; hence advised to prep the skin well.


5. Blend your blush thoroughly


Just applying the blush isn’t enough; it is important to blend it properly for a more flawless and radiant look. Some go with makeup brushes, some with blenders while some use their hands. Blending is the key to a natural flush without any harsh lines.

6. Build your blush


When applying it; always keep in mind to start off slow and take little product.  This will help you get the desired color you want. In order to make your color look more natural; take the product in the brush or in the sponge and go in a circular direction.

7. Layer Your blush


Layering is the key if you want your blush to last longer. Some people go with a creamy blush and then top it off with a powdered blush. This technique will make your blush last longer and give a finished look.

It gives a quick dash of color to the face that warms the complexion and looks wonderful. With the understanding of correct face shape, It’s formulas and techniques to apply; a simple blush can even uplift your makeup look.


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Airbrush V/S HD Makeup : Which One Is Better For Brides?

Wedding is about allure and excitement nowadays, and what calls for consideration at weddings are the radiant and stylish bridal looks. Whether it’s your wedding, engagement, or even Haldi; makeup is an integral part of your wedding look. With the gorgeous outfit, dazzling jewelry; a flawless makeup look completes the entire bridal look.

Not only the makeup artist; but the kind of makeup you choose play a significant role in bringing out the best version of yourself. The two very significant types of makeup looks popular are: HD makeup and airbrush makeup. The dilemma of whether to go for HD or for airbrush stays with the bride till her wedding day.

Through this article, we will provide you with the difference between both the popular makeup types so that you can choose the best and look best for your D-day.

HD Makeup

HD stands for high definition. The HD makeup is the idle choice for people working with high-quality cameras. This type of makeup look is extremely elegant as it highlights the best of the features of your face. This type of makeup avoids layering of the products and gives a more flawless and less-cakey look.

The components of HD makeup are very nourishing that not only make your skin look more youthful but also don’t give any reaction or allergies to your face.

Products used in HD makeup

  • Primer
  • Foundation
  • Mattifier
  • Concealer
  • Powder
  • Blush
  • Eye Pallate
  • Mascara
  • Highlighter
  • Eyeliner
  • Lipstick


Airbrush makeup


Airbrush makeup has become a popular choice amongst women. Not only brides, but bridesmaids, sisters, mothers, and even wedding guests are preferring airbrush makeup.

But, what exactly is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush is a very lightweight applied with spray gun machine. it produces a very thin and even layer of makeup that gives a natural finish. The technique is also used to apply eyeshadows, lip colors as well as blush. Girls looking for a sheer, flawless look can go with airbrush makeup.

Products used in Airbrush makeup

  • Primer
  • Airbrush Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Blush
  • Shimmer
  • Eyeshadow palate
  • Mascara
  • Highlighter
  • Eyeliner
  • Lipstick


Reasons why Airbrush Makeup is better than HD Makeup

  1. Airbrush makeup lasts all-day

The major advantage of Airbrush makeup s that it lasts longer. The makeup can be silicon-based, water-based, or alcohol-based. Oily skin people go for water-based foundation whereas silicon-based are preferred by brides that are looking for more coverage and do not want their makeup to move while crying, sweating, kissing, etc.

  1. Airbrush makeup is thinner.

Even though it has a lot of layers; the makeup is very thin and gives space to the skin to breathe. Do not worry! even if the makeup is thin; it will provide you full coverage and offer a polished look.


  1. Airbrush makeup is flawless

The very first thing every bride or even every woman demands from their makeup artist is to give them a more flawless look. The tiny particles coming from the spray machine cover all the imperfections and don’t make your makeup look cakey. This is the reason why Models, actors, and other people in similar industries are going for airbrush makeup.


  1. Airbrush makeup is more sanitary

The brushes, sponges, and beauty blenders used in traditional makeup are not sanitary. They might contain bacterial or any other microorganisms that might cause allergies, rashes to your skin. Airbrush makeup is applied with the help of air gun that contains liquid foundations. Thus there is zero contact between the tool and the face.


  1. Airbrush makeup fits all skin type

Be it oily, normal, combination, sensitive, or even acne-prone skin; airbrush makeup fits well for every skin type. The airbrush makeup comes in three different variants: water-based, silicon-based, and alcohol-based, and thus is perfect for every skin.


  1. Airbrush makeup is hypoallergenic

People with sensitive or acne-prone skin need not worry. Airbrush makeup is hypoallergenic i.e it doesn’t cause any allergies. They are fragrance and oil-free and thus offer a radiant look.

Reasons why HD Makeup is better than Airbrush Makeup

  1. HD Makeup is sheer

Brides wanting a sheer look can go with HD makeup. It hides all the imperfections; leaving your natural beauty intact.

  1. HD Makeup has a mattifying effect

HD makeup enables any oily particles to come to your face. It gives a matt look to the face.

  1. HD Makeup doesn’t require any special tool

Unlike airbrush makeup; HD makeup can be done with the help of regular makeup brushes, sponges, and blenders.

  1. HD Makeup leaves fewer residues

HD Makeup covers all the flaws and problematic areas of the face and leaves very few residues on the face.

  1. Affordable

In comparison to airbrush makeup; HD makeup is much more reasonable.


Wedding festivity is the most shot occasion in everybody’s lives. Hence, it is of most extreme significance that your makeup game is solid and impeccable consistently so that each snap ends up being the ideal one. That’s is the reason it is of total significance to understand what sort of makeup suits your skin the best and what will praise your whole bridal look.