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10 Best Makeup brands in India

Picking the Best Makeup brands in India from the large numbers accessible in the market can be an overwhelming possibility. Whatever item we select, needs to suit singular requirements and inclinations. Also, we will more often than not be extra cautious, when spending huge amounts of cash on these items. Since at last, it involves looking the best either on a regular schedule or on an extraordinary event.

Looking for makeup can be overpowering because of the plenitude of choices before you. With the appearance of a heap of new makeup brands in the Indian market. It has gotten significantly harder to choose makeup. In this way, we have aggregated a rundown of the Best Makeup brands in India that are having a hot second at the present time. Due to their intriguing and imaginative items and are also used by the Best Makeup Artist In Delhi.

Are you the one looking for the top 10 cosmetic brands? If any! Then you are on the right page. Nowadays, you will find a wide variety of cosmetics. However, choosing the best cosmetic, suitable for your skin and pocket is very difficult. The face is the most delicate part of the body and to take good care of it. You must invest in quality products.

Best Makeup Brands in India: Your Ultimate Guide

Nykaa Cosmetics

From an e-commercial center to dispatching their own range of skincare and makeup. Nykaa has succeeded like an expert without apparent fizzles and is one of the Best Makeup brands in India. The online business organization as of late dispatched their incredibly reasonable and one of a kind makeup line with everything astonishing and fine. Their range of makeup incorporates lip tones, eye shadow ranges, primer, foundation, concealers, highlighters, nail paints and considerably more. Their range of elite items start at INR 199. As of late they have additionally thought of smaller than expected restorative bundling which is significantly lighter on the pocket and very travel-accommodating. Nykaa Cosmetics comprehends buyer buying conduct. It is putting forth a valiant effort to adapt something similar by offering top caliber and reasonable items to the market.
Nykaa cosmetics Best Makeup brands in India


M.A.C is likewise perhaps the most socially cognizant brands with initiative like Cruelty-Free Beauty and Back to M.A.C Recycling and thus is one of the Best Makeup brands in India. It has raised more than $86 million towards noble cause beginning around 1994 with its offer of items under the Viva Glam range. They offer an enormous assortment of expert makeup items in their stores just as on web-based stages like Nykaa. Their make up items incorporate lipsticks, foundation, concealer, highlighters, bronzers, base creams, primers, mascara, eyeliner, and considerably more. Their items start at INR 990 and merit each penny.
MAC Best Makeup brands in India


Maybelline is an incrediblly Best Makeup brands in India that is made for everybody. The brand offers make up items that are new, new, reasonable and powerful. They fit the financial plan of each Indian lady and are tailor-made to suit Indian skin well. Maybelline is an in excess of a 100-year-old organization that has been satisfying the interest for makeup the country over at this point. A portion of their successes incorporate their mascaras, lipsticks, foundations and eye shadows. They as of late dispatched Fit Me range is very pocket-accommodating. It contains probably the best recipes the brand has dispatched in India up until now.
Maybelline cosmetics


L’Oreal turns out to be one of the most regarded Best Makeup brands in India. This French corrective organization established in 1909 is the biggest on the planet with its central command in Clichy. It has additionally been named as one of the universes most moral organizations at least a couple of times. With Deepika Padukone as the fifth representative and the worldwide brand amabassador for the brand. One can make certain of the extraordinary quality and special definitions. L’oreal doesn’t restrict itself to makeup items including foundations, compacts, concealers, lipsticks, blushes, mascaras, eye pencils. That’s just the beginning however have additionally extended their items skylines with haircare and skincare items.


Lakme is one of the most well known Best Makeup brands in India. Established in 1952 and as yet running solid the brand has seen the magnificence business change in a great deal of ways. With an amazing and wide range of items including lipsticks, foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, eyeliners, highlighters, mascara, collected packs and that’s just the beginning. It has all that an advanced lady can require to fix and improve her excellence. However the costs if their items arent extremely high. The nature of their items is standard and fantastic. With Kareena Kapoor as the essence of the brand, Lakme has been doing even well when contrasted with the past.
Lakmé Best Makeup brands in India


Dispatched in 2005, Colorbar is a moving and premium makeup brands with presence across India, Germany, Italy, France, and center east. The makeup brand has various sensibly valued items that have exceptional and skin-accommodating recipes. The brand is known for its ideal match primer, mascara, lip tones and colors, foundations and eye makeup items.

Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild is a believed Best Makeup brands in India that offers the best-estimated results of worldwide. Fine quality that are extraordinary to use as well as cruelty free. Regardless of the decision, pocket or age of the lady, Wet n Wild has a makeup answer for everybody. Their extraordinary range of items incorporates everything for eyes, lips, face, and face. You may be spoilt for decision thinking about their wide reach and totally conservative costs.
wet n wild

Faces Canada

New to the nation yet notable at this point. Faces Canada is overwhelming the market with its outstanding magnificence instruments and makeup items. Not withstanding the worldwide stepping, the make-up items by the brand are entirely reasonable and great. Two of their smash hits incorporate lip pastels and eye shadows which are exceptionally pigmented and picked by the brand darlings more than once. Other than this, they likewise offer foundations, velvety concealers, bronzers, form sticks, eyeshadow ranges, highlighters, temple fillers, nail lacquers, and then some.
Faces canada Best Makeup brands in India


L.A.Girl is an American makeup brand that has confidence in adding advancement and uniqueness to regular makeup and conveying the recipes inside a totally reasonable reach. They rejuvenate imaginativeness with their superior-quality makeup and shading plans in makeup. Aside from being prudent and fitting everyone’s spending plan, the items by L.A.Girl are utilized by each insightful and known makeup craftsman in India for their quality and impact. Their splendid assortment of makeup items incorporates everything from fundamental lip medicine to highlighters and everything in the middle a lady might require.


Innisfree is one of the initially not many clean magnificence brands hailing from South Korea that ventured their feet in India with an obscure market however solid confidence in the requirement for green excellence. They are interchangeable to the decency of nature and they offer a wide cluster of skincare and makeup items. Their items are on the whole regular and figured with fixings obtained from the abundance of nature. With general goodness, their reach incorporates foundations, concealers, nail paint, lip care tones, eye shadows, eyebrow filler, eyeliners, loose powder, mascara, and significantly more.


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Types of foundations for Indian Brides

Picking a foundation that obliges your skin’s requirements can be a task – KBR Makeover as the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi comes in endless shades and formulas. It’s likewise the trickiest makeup item to use as it can either give you that fantastic, immaculate appearance, or it can have the specific inverse impact on the off chance that you miss the point.

Indian weddings have more than one capacity, which on occasion expects you to spend significant money on a makeup artist. In any case, you will be captured and you need something that offers coverage and takes into account every one of your necessities. In case you’re pondering which foundation should work for you, here is a complete guide to help you with the same.

1. Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation is presumably the most adaptable kind of foundation on the grounds that any skin type can wear it, and you can handle how much coverage you need. You can blend it in with a couple of drops of moisturizer for a sheer finish.

2. Cushion Compacts

Cushion Compacts are really helpful and incredible for final touchups. You can apply them with a damp beauty blender by pushing down on the compact, and afterward compressing it onto your face. Brides who aren’t enthusiasts of foundations might adore cushion compacts since they’re lightweight and have huge loads of skincare benefits.

3. Powder foundations

Powder foundations can help those with oily skin. These powders can bear upping to perspire and humidity without smearing. Not just that; it doesn’t make your makeupcakey and gives an immaculate look.

4. Gel foundations

Gel foundations accompany built-in concealer; thus are thicker and offer full coverage. These silicon-based Gel foundations have a waterproof formula and matte completion. They’re extraordinary for individuals who need to disguise skin inflammation or sunspots.

5. Mousse

Those who do not like a lot of coverage can go with mousse that offers a light finish. It is beneficial for those with large pores.

6. Anti-aging and serum Foundation

This enemy of maturing and serum foundation goes about as a performing various tasks, you can get a moment sparkle thus many advantages with this foundation. It conceals every one of the almost negligible differences, wrinkles, spots, and makes your skin look extra impeccable. It is lightweight on your skin and simple to utilize.

7. Stick Foundations

The stick foundations are not that hard to utilize on the off chance that you know the sum or amount of the foundation you need all over. It gives you a medium to full coverage additionally conceals every one of the flaws like dark circles, checks, spots, and imperfections.

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Tips For Wearing Contact Lenses On Your Wedding Ceremonies

You might be wearing contact lenses for quite a long time yet wearing contact lens on your big day is an entirely different world. As your big day draws near, contact lenses are presumably the keep going thing at the forefront of your thoughts. The dress, makeup, the setting; there are countless more significant things to contemplate, isn’t that so?

Wearing contacts or trying different things with shaded lenses for your wedding is an extraordinary method to upgrade your bridal look. The glare from your glasses can influence wedding photographs as well, so contact lenses can be the more intelligent decision. That is the reason we’ve made a contact lens tips guide for bride-to-be’s.

TIP1: Wear A Fresh Pair On Your Wedding Day

Regardless of whether you wear lenses on daily basis or you are just trying out something new and fun for your wedding; you’ll need a new pair that will give you the littlest measure of issues conceivable on your big day

TIP2: Have A Trial Run Before

On the off chance that you’ve never worn hued lenses or even typical number contact lenses, it is essential for you to basically wear them 2-3 times before your big day. Contact lenses take some time to become acclimated to so you can’t simply wear them on your big day interestingly and hued lenses are considerably more troublesome becoming acclimated to, brides. Additionally, you need to know ahead of time what shade of contact lenses suits your skin tone and your lehenga to look wonderful on your big day. That is the reason we suggest that you have a preliminary attempt preceding the huge day to be really certain of what you need.

TIP 3: Wear Your Lenses On Your Own

As senseless as this sounds women, don’t make another person put the contact lenses in your eyes. If it’s not too much trouble, practice a few times however do it all alone with clean hands. It can get truly terrible if the makeup artist’s nail jabs your eyes or then again if the focal lens doesn’t settle as expected. You’ll wind up having red watering eyes which won’t get typical for a couple of hours and up to that point you’re going to be so awkward. Trust yourself to have the option to do this all alone and incorporate contact lens on your wedding all alone.

TIP 4: Always Carry A Spare Pair

It could be possible that your lenses fall out or disappear in the air or any other mishappening. Thus in order to avoid such circumstances; always carry an extra pair of lenses along with you.

TIP 5: Know Your Rituals

Perhaps the most posed inquiries by Indian brides are that is it safe to wear contact lenses close to fire. The response to that question is indeed, yet it accompanies conditions. You need to actually look at what kind of lens you are wearing and that you are so near the fire. While most Indian ceremonies needn’t bother with you to be incredibly close or even have more modest flames nowadays so you ought to be protected!

TIP 6: Wear Your Lenses Before The Makeup Starts

Once in a while, the eyes begin watering when you put the lenses on. It is totally normal however it is really downright terrible the makeup since something or the other will get destroyed. That is the reason you need to put on your lenses before your wedding makeup starts. Indeed, it will be great as your eyes can get sufficient opportunity to become acclimated to the lenses, and afterward, you can calmly endure the makeup meeting.

TIP 7: Makeup Tips To Take Care Of

  • In case you are wearing a contact lens on your big day, never apply eyeliner to the inward cover of your eye. This could sully your lens.
  • Likewise, keep away from powder eye shadow, oil-based makeup, and fiber mascara, as they can adhere to your contacts and bother your eyes.
  • Oil-based concealers and foundations can advance at you throughout the span of the day.
  • Close your eyes when utilizing spray splashes, for example, hairsprays, while wearing your lens. Such items might leave a leftover film on the lens.

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10 Bridal Hair Accessories That Will Make You Shine


10 Bridal Hair Accessories That Will Make You Shine

Bridal hair accessories are a significant piece of the ideal wedding hairstyle, the last little detail to your bridal look and it will likewise cause you to notice your brilliant face. Bridal hair accessories frill range unfathomably in cost and there are such countless various styles–brushes, pins, plants, chignon wraps, crowns, cover, and so forth… so it tends to be exceptionally overpowering in case you don’t know which embellishments go best with which hairdo or dress.

A few ladies put their confidence in blossoms like Anushka, while others are consistently on a post for something exceptional that makes them catch everyone’s eye. Regardless of which classification you fall, we make them flabbergast wedding hair extras that will sit like a crown on your head. These are some Bridal Hair Accessories that make you shine.

1. The exemplary Maang Tika

This Bridal Hair Accessories With a gold chain running down the splitting of the lady of the hour hair and a pendant sitting on the temple, the Maang Tikka is perhaps the most delightful hair accessory for Indian weddings across India! Regardless might be the size of your Maang Tikka, you’ll unquestionably resemble a sovereign!

2. Bun Chains

The most favored wedding hairstyle is a bun. It may sound straightforward and exhausting yet it doesn’t need to be that way. With these perfect bun chains, you can transform even a straightforward bun into a ravishing haircut. Bun chains are quite possibly the most flexible bridal hair accessory. On the off chance that you would prefer not to utilize those hurtful styling items, you ought to go for these bun chains.

3. Raakodi

Raakodis are hair rings which South Indian ladies wear with satisfaction. As wedding hair embellishments, Raakodis- a bridal hair accessory hold a significant spot. Generally, valuable and semi-valuable stones like ruby, emerald, polka and Kundan were utilized to make these rings. These sit totally in plaits and buns.

4. The rich Jhoomar!

The jhoomar is utilized by Muslim ladies. However,now-a-days numerous ladies are getting this extra since it is truly excellent. It is a marvelous swap for a Mathapatti. Likewise, you can match this with a mang tikka on the off chance that you go for this extra. It looks fab!

5. Tiaras

It is your enormous day and you are the sovereign. All in all, why not praise these glad minutes by wearing a crown as a hair extra? You can get yourself a flower crown for the bangle or mehendi service or a studded one for your commitment. You can wear a little crown with your cover for an uncommon section.

6. Conventional Headpiece

Anita Dongre has consistently roused the ladies to-be with her excellent wedding assortment. She investigated every possibility with her interesting wedding frill too. Along these lines, this time our eyes stalled out on this rich headpiece with drop pearls. Give this a shot for that remarkable marriage look.

7. Matha Patti

The rundown of wedding hair embellishments is inadequate without the notice of matha patti. Each lady of the hour loves wearing matha patti. It gives the whole look a superb touch. This is the ideal wedding hair frill for the main day of your life. You can wear these in whimsical manners like these ladies.

8. Hairclips

Hairclips have the class to glamourize any hairstyle. With the assistance of some in-vogue pastel shading hair clips, these ladies put out some significant lady of the hour objectives. Clasps improve any hairstyle as well as they come convenient and trendy.

9. South Indian touch

This bridal hair accessory with a lone plate of gold running down the plait, this is a champion among the most liberal Billai structures ever! Pair it with a Kanjeevaram saree and you’ll look flawless!

10. Do-It-Yourself Broach

This hair accessory Not certain assuming you need to cover your bun with OTT wedding hair embellishments? All things considered, we have thought that you are the most inconspicuous and rich-looking hair extra for your bun. Look at the picture underneath for better motivation.

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The Flawless Hairstyle Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Hair is the most adaptable piece of us, we can curve, turn, and analyze with it the manner in which we need. Your hairstyle can give you a different look instantly. A right and impeccably set-up hairdo can make you stand marvelously appealing that on your function everybody would be taking a gander at you that how sumptuous you are looking, particularly your going-to-be groom, and each going-to-be bride anticipates this. Check out these hairdos:

 1. Simple open hairstyle

All the minimalist brides out there who do not love to experiment much with their hair can go with such a look. You can either make your hair straight or leave them with curls without pinning them. This gives you a chic look and enhances your outfit as well.

2. Side Curls hairstyle

These voluminous side curls are best if you are wearing something that is off-shoulder, backless, or tube outfits. Not just that; if you aren’t huge fans of proper hairdos; then this can surely come to your rescue.

3. Twisted Hair

The ones who do not like to go overboard with brides and multiple hair accessories can simply curl their hair and add some twisted brides. Not just they are easy to make but look fabulous with your Indian outfits.

4. Butterflies and Curls hairstyle

Butterfly hairdos are in pattern nowadays. From butterfly clasps to enormous butterfly motifs, the brides are rocking their engagement looks with these butterfly haircuts. Just pinning a handful on your curled hair immediately enhances your entire look.

5. Half-Tucked Bun

In the event that you don’t incline toward a full bun look. Tie your hair in a freely tied bun and twist. This semi-half tucked look also gives an illusion of a messy hairdo and adds the exact amount of oomph need to uplift your engagement look.

6. Half Tied

Brides-to-be can even go with half-tied hair stylings. You should simply fix your hair and with the assistance of a bobby pin; tie a half part of your hair in a puff. The look is extremely stylish and very simple.

7. Butterfly Braids hairstyle

Trap Those Beautiful Butterflies In Your Braids and parade your exhausting interlaces with polish and effortlessness. Update your old-fashioned braids hairstyle and enhance your engagement look with this hair styling.

8. A Neat Bun hairstyle

A slick bun looks exceptionally tasteful and simultaneously gives you a completed look without putting forth such a lot of attempt. Such a hairstyle offers extra attention to your outfit, makeup, jewelry, and as of whole your entire engagement look.

9. Twisted Pony Tail

Jazz Up your engagement ceremony with a fuss-free twisted ponytail look which permits you to partake in your service easily and comfortably. Twisted ponytail with wavy twists at the finishes looks extremely cheeky and stylish.

10. Floral Buns hairstyle

Be it long, short, or medium-length hair; a floral bun looks gorgeous on any hair length. You can either go for a sleek bn or even a messy one; the stunning flowers add extra oomph to your hairstyle and make you look picture perfect for the engagement ceremony.

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