10 Unique Eyeliner Styles Every Bride Should Know

Makeup is something that can never be finished without eyeliner. There are many eyeliner styles. It can help your makeup style by giving your eyes a dramatic look. At the same time, it additionally gives you a reflexive and pretty face. While putting on makeup, there are a few hints and deceives that can assist you with looking more excellent and enchanting.

Our eyes are one of the most appealing pieces of the face and by applying one of a kind eyeliner styles, you can improve the excellence of the eyes. Be that as it may, it is extremely fundamental to pick solid makeup items for having the dazzling look you need.

Be it your wedding or your amigo’s wedding, we’ve covered it all women! As we realize that each kind of eyeliner style first light on another character of a young lady. Things being what they are, would you say you are prepared young ladies to kill on your enormous day? Remember that the primary thing you ought to consider is to have the right and best eyeliner for wedding makeup. Here are some ideal marriage eyeliner styles to prosper at your big day.

  1. Feline Eye Liner

Feline Eye Liner

This cat eyes will assist you with getting an intense and sharp glance through applying an ebony flick. For having an alluring look, proceed with this style. Likewise, you can utilize gel or fluid based eyeliner to nail this look and complete your look by utilizing a tad of mascara. Without a doubt, you will get an intense  look.

  1. Smeared Eyeliner

Smeared Eyeliner

These exemplary wedding eyeliner styles are for the day when you need to keep your air basic yet shocking. This style is a mix of metallic accents, winged eyeliner, and a smokey contact that will give you a jazzy look.

  1. White Eyeliner

White Eyeliner

This is one of the ideal eyeliner styles for wedding makeup. In this, possibly you can apply one stroke on the waterline or apply the liner on the eyelids. Additionally, you can apply the two of them if need!  These white eyeliner styles make you look exceptional, however this elite style merits attempting. Have an unobtrusive makeup look and naked lipstick with this.

  1. Winged Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner

Attempt a winged wedding eyeliner styles that will raise your brownie points consistently. Add a hint of sparkle while keeping your eye-makeup light. You can likewise include a ruddy become flushed and matte pink lipstick to make the heads turn!

  1. Shining Liner Style

Make a style articulation by applying dark kajal, smokey eyes, and a little shimmer. Just put on your customary makeup and complete it with the smokey eye look and delicately put a fine glittery gold line on the upper lash line. Put dull shade of lipstick with the eye-makeup and we bet you will glitz up at your wedding without a doubt!

  1. Twofold Winged Eyeliner otherwise known as Egyptian Eyeliner

Twofold Winged Eyeliner otherwise known as Egyptian Eyeliner

We as a whole know a lady of the hour who can’t resist the urge to go extra. This Egyptian eyeliner look is an ideal one for you. Fulfill all your #OTT needs with this eyeliner style and remember to wear a strong lipstick with this look.

  1. Swarovski Eyeliner

Swarovski Eyeliner

Neha Kakkar just began this WOW pattern that took our breath away and we are in wonderment of the gem swarovski eyeliner that she picked for her wedding.

  1. Regular Curve with Angled Love

Regular Curve with Angled Love

Despite the fact that this looks somewhat intense however with tolerance, it tends to be done without any problem. Maybe than having those regular bends of the eyes, go for a straighter and bolder eyeliner look. By applying this, unquestionably you will get many commendations.

  1. Colorful Eyeliner

Colorful Eyeliner

Who doesn’t care for colors? Add some lively tones to anything and perceive how glad it looks. The pattern of adding tones to your eyeliner isn’t extremely old yet this one is spreading like fire. Make your wedding look with a hued eyeliner style and naked lips

  1. Smooth Eyeliner with White Waterline

Smooth Eyeliner with White Waterline

While, a few of us can help going extra, there are ladies out there who like to keep it negligible. For this load of ladies to-be, an extremely smooth meager line of eyeliner alongside long lashes is an unquestionable requirement. This eyeliner style gives you a perfect party look.

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The Flawless Hairstyle Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Everything You Need To Know About Makeup Trials


Everything You Need To Know About Makeup Trials

Wedding arranging begins a very long time before the enormous occasion. Every Bride should have a look on Makeup Trials. Choosing the setting, fixing the menu, hurrying to the shops to pick that ideal bridal lehenga, requiring hours giving the preliminaries to pick the best for the most anticipated day. Everything’s with regards to the months prior to the wedding situation. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about our delightful ladies and their wedding makeup?


Actually like you can’t pick a lehenga prior to giving a preliminary, you can’t go for marriage cosmetics without taking bridal makeup trials. The makeup artists consistently recommend the bride-to-be makeup trials with the goal that they can get the ideal search for their big day. A makeup trial will make you certain with regards to your big day look as you can explore different avenues regarding distinctive wedding looks and pick the ideal one for you.

Here are some basic do’s and don’ts you can guarantee on your makeup trial that will go far in assisting you with your last marriage look!

  1. Do remember that most great MUAs charge for a trials. So get clearness on that ahead of time.
  2. Try not to plan your makeup trials over 90 days before your wedding, you may change what you need out and out if the hole is excessive.
  3. Do talk about it with your MUA. Disclose to them your skin type, different preferences the elements you like or don’t care for, and your vision as a lady of the hour.
  4. Do ask your alternatives, and pick the best contingent upon your skin type. Do you need to enhance with an airbrush or HD makeup? What’s more, what will suit your skin better?
  5. Try not to be terrified to be a bit test however say you need the smokey eye and bare lip look-on the off chance that you have it as a main priority, attempt it and accept a call!
  6. Do check and guarantee that the shade of your face and neck is the same. The last thing you will need to look layered on your unique day rather than displaying a perfect and regular appearance.


  1. Do have something you need at the top of the priority list have a Pinterest board or two or three pictures put something aside for the sort of cosmetics look you need.
  2. The majority of makeup artists do exclude hair in the makeup trials. Accordingly, let your MUA think about your hairdo inclinations. In case you’re intending to add a few assistants to your hair, advise your MUA in advance to stay away from any disarray on the big day.
  3. Try not to go for any look that is ‘too trendy. Patterns go back and forth, yet your wedding look must have an ageless look-it’s a unique event!
  4. Take pictures under various lights to find out about the look.


  1. Do wear your lehenga at the trials in the event that you’ve as of now got them, or if nothing else wear the adornments and the shirt at the preliminary. Assuming not, wear a comparable shading top to the one you have as a top priority for your wedding lehenga.
  2. Do take a stab at dupatta wraps that go with your look! Simply trial to have some thought on an enormous day to envision your last look!
  3. Try not to allow an excessive number of individuals to impact your perspective. Take an assessment from a few close kin or companions who you can trust.
  4. Do take a stab at falsies in case you’re not happy with it in advance. Assuming not, take a stab at individual lashes which may be more agreeable for you.
  5. Do consider contouring to draw out your best provisions, and let those cheekbones pop!
  6. Try not to remove the makeup just after the trials. Attempt a long wearing test for somewhere around 5 to 8 hours to test wearability.

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Top 12 Lip Gloss Shades A Bride Should Own

The Flawless Hairstyle Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Hair is the most adaptable piece of us, we can curve, turn, and analyze with it the manner in which we need. Your hairstyle can give you a different look instantly. A right and impeccably set-up hairdo can make you stand marvelously appealing that on your function everybody would be taking a gander at you that how sumptuous you are looking, particularly your going-to-be groom, and each going-to-be bride anticipates this. Check out these hairdos:

 1. Simple open hairstyle

Simple open hairstyle

All the minimalist brides out there who do not love to experiment much with their hair can go with such a look. You can either make your hair straight or leave them with curls without pinning them. This gives you a chic look and enhances your outfit as well.

2. Side Curls hairstyle

Side Curls Hairstyle

These voluminous side curls are best if you are wearing something that is off-shoulder, backless, or tube outfits. Not just that; if you aren’t huge fans of proper hairdos; then this can surely come to your rescue.

3. Twisted Hair


The ones who do not like to go overboard with brides and multiple hair accessories can simply curl their hair and add some twisted brides. Not just they are easy to make but look fabulous with your Indian outfits.

4. Butterflies and Curls hairstyle

Butterflies and Curls

Butterfly hairdos are in pattern nowadays. From butterfly clasps to enormous butterfly motifs, the brides are rocking their engagement looks with these butterfly haircuts. Just pinning a handful on your curled hair immediately enhances your entire look.

5. Half-Tucked Bun

Half-Tucked Bun

In the event that you don’t incline toward a full bun look. Tie your hair in a freely tied bun and twist. This semi-half tucked look also gives an illusion of a messy hairdo and adds the exact amount of oomph need to uplift your engagement look.

6. Half Tied

Half Tied

Brides-to-be can even go with half-tied hair stylings. You should simply fix your hair and with the assistance of a bobby pin; tie a half part of your hair in a puff. The look is extremely stylish and very simple.

7. Butterfly Braids hairstyle

Butterfly Braids- The Flawless Hairstyle Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Trap Those Beautiful Butterflies In Your Braids and parade your exhausting interlaces with polish and effortlessness. Update your old-fashioned braids hairstyle and enhance your engagement look with this hair styling.

8. A Neat Bun hairstyle

A slick bun looks exceptionally tasteful and simultaneously gives you a completed look without putting forth such a lot of attempt. Such a hairstyle offers extra attention to your outfit, makeup, jewelry, and as of whole your entire engagement look.

9. Twisted Pony Tail

Twisted Pony Tail

Jazz Up your engagement ceremony with a fuss-free twisted ponytail look which permits you to partake in your service easily and comfortably. Twisted ponytail with wavy twists at the finishes looks extremely cheeky and stylish.

10. Floral Buns hairstyle

Floral Buns

Be it long, short, or medium-length hair; a floral bun looks gorgeous on any hair length. You can either go for a sleek bn or even a messy one; the stunning flowers add extra oomph to your hairstyle and make you look picture perfect for the engagement ceremony.

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Interesting Ways To Use Vaseline In Home And Life

Top 12 Lip Gloss Shades A Bride Should Own


Top 12 Lip Gloss Shades A Bride Should Own

Each young lady loves Luscious, hydrated and sulked lips isn’t that right? With regards to bridal makeup, lips assume the main part as we can skip whatever else yet can’t do with uncovered lips it simply looks deficient. A layer of your number one lip gloss makes your makeup look more put together.

There are times when lipsticks can be a bit striking, lip shines look considerably more normal as well as simpler to apply without committing errors particularly for your bridal makeup look. Lip glosses are regularly said to give a more youthful and energetic look. They generally keep the lips saturated and give them a solid look with the perfect measure of shading in any event, when they are really dry and needing a lip emollient.

To facilitate your lip gloss search, we’ve gathered together our number one non-tacky ultra reflexive formulas. In this way, right away, look down underneath to discover your shine mate!

 1. Smashbox Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss – Actors Gild

Top 12 Shades Of Lip Gloss A Bride Should Own

Smashbox is a genuinely new brand, yet it is a known pioneer in extravagance lip items. This lovely naked shade gloss with pink sparkle gives a light refracting sparkle, giving the figment of plumped-up lips. Additionally, the item is plentiful in Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E which keeps your lips fed and hydrated long haul. Truly, this lipgloss is the ideal for a close mehendi or sangeet work.

2. Kay Beauty Metallic Lip Topper – Show Stopper

Kay Beauty Metallic Lip Topper

The most current player in the makeup  world is Katrina Kaif’s Kay Beauty, which has dispatched some exceptionally effective items, remembering a lip clincher for different shades. The shade Show Stopper, which is a naked metallic shade has a fluid to a powder get done with the high shading result, that will convey a fantasy look to any lady of the hour. Wear it single-handedly or with another lip-the outcome will consistently be stunning!

3. Kiko Milano 3D Hydra Lipgloss – 10 Sparkling Strawberry

Kiko Milano 3D Hydra Lipgloss

Have you additionally experienced lip sparkles that case to make your lips delicate however leave behind dried out or dry and solid skin? Then, at that point turn your look towards something contrary to that, which is the Kiko Milano 3D Gloss. This lip shine conveys what it guarantees, long haul hydration. Obviously, this is matched with other lovely impacts of brilliant, voluminous and perfectly lustrous lips.

4. Lotus Herbals Ecostay Lip Gloss – Vibrant Berry

Lotus Herbals Ecostay Lip Gloss

This 5 ml bottle is exactly what you expected to full up your lips with shading. The shade is popular, youthful and splendid. It’s certain to add that great component and will make you look alluring. This shade is great for all complexions.

5. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Plumper

Meet the lord of all extravagance clear glosses! The Too Faced Lip Injection is a lip plumping clear gleam, with high sparkle which causes your lips to seem more full and pouty. This is one of those unmistakable shine’s which can be worn alone for a basic look or combined with another dazzling lipstick

6. NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss – Angel Food Cake

NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss

This mauve shade specifically looks extraordinary all alone as well as the ideal shade to layer up on top of pretty pink or mauve lipstick shade

7. Lakme Lip Gloss – Vanilla.

Lakme - Vanilla lip balm

The fragrance of vanilla is heavenly! Simply envision how astonishing your lips will take care of applying this flawless shade. You need to get this one due to its caramel shade and the reality it makes your lips look glitz. All out retro energies, and one of the most mind-blowing colored lip shines.

8. Huda Beauty Lip Strobe Metallic Gloss – Angelic

Huda Beauty Lip Strobe Metallic Gloss

On the off chance that your concept of a lip gloss is something with a pearlescent strobe, Huda Beauty’s Lip Strobe is a definitive extra to your lip game. This shine, in the shade Angelic, is a blend of a pink base with green and purple pearl complex which gives it an inconspicuous luminosity. It’s dependable, incredibly agreeable to wear and gives your lips an etched look from each point.

9. Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lip Color – Cool Beets

Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lip Color - Cool Beets

In fact, this is a fluid lip tone by the incredibly famous cosmetics brand. Nonetheless, the lustrous completion of the item and its excellent outcome all the rage is the thing that we as a whole live for. This emollient-rich, full-inclusion equation floats on with unadulterated shades and offers supporting solace and dampness—both immediately and over the long haul.

10. Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss – Sheer Coral

Faces Go Chic Lip Gloss – Sheer Coral

The shade gives an exceptionally thrilling feel and will quickly light up your face. Simply a solitary stroke is all you need to add the oomph factor!

11. Nykaa Gloss it Up! High Shine Lip Gloss – 08 Love Bug

Nykaa Gloss it Up! High Shine Lip Gloss - 08 Love Bug

Trust us ladies, you’ll be living for this one! Nykaa Gloss it Up! High Shine Lip Gloss in Love Bug is one of the most shocking obscure red you’ll experience. Conceivably, the best red sparkle to shake at her wedding. Along these lines, in case you’re somebody who needs a gleam with no abrasive sparkle or tenacity, then, at that point this hey sparkle fabulousness is intended for you.

12. A.C Lipglass- Fashion Punch

A.C Lipglass- Fashion Punch

No lipstick list is at any point total without referencing an eminent M.A.C item. This time, it’s their Stripdown scope of the popular Lipglass, in the shade Fashion Punch. It’s an impartial naked shade, which gives a glass-like beam on a lady of the hour’s lips. Furthermore, it’s non-tacky equation is an extra, particularly for an enduring occasion. Each lady of the hour ought to have something like one Lipglass shade in her linen!

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Interesting Ways To Use Vaseline In Home And Life


Interesting Ways To Use Vaseline In Home And Life

Vaseline is one skincare item found is everybody’s beauty and makeup kit. The moderate pharmacy staple has been around for a very long time — and in light of current circumstances. Vaseline has some truly groundbreaking makeup uses. It’s one of those unhyped items that none of us purchased, yet we as a whole have a container of it lying around some place. While it may not be the first or last thing you go after in your every day schedule, it’s ostensibly one of excellence’s most overachieving multi-taskers. From hydrating skin to eliminating make-up, here’s the way you can make this your vaseline balm:

 1. Hold scent back from fading away.

Hold scent back from fading awa-Interesting Ways To Use Vaseline In Home And Lifey

Vaseline can truly help your perfume scent last longer. Rub vaseline over your perfume focus areas like the cleavage, behind the ear, neck, and wrist. This will make your fragrance last more.

2. It gives you a characteristic sparkle.

It gives you a characteristic sparkle- Interesting Ways To Use Vaseline In Home And Life

As an option in contrast to sparkling highlighters, spot a little along with the highest points of cheekbones, down the scaffold of your nose, and under temples for a characteristic, downplayed sheen.

3. It substitutes for mascara.

It substitutes for mascara

On the off chance that you don’t adore mascara yet desire characterized lashes, cover them with a little Vaseline for a lustrous completion. Petroleum jelly leaves lashes molded, yet it’s even reputed to assist them with developing. Not only that; Vaseline will also give volume to your lashes.

4. Make your legs and hands gleam and glow.

Make your legs and hands gleam and glow

Blend Vaseline in with your favorite liquid bronzer. Spread the equation on your legs just as hands for a gleaming, glowy look.


5. Save your teeth from lipstick stains.

Save your teeth from lipstick stains

Apply a thin layer of vaseline to your front teeth before you apply lipstick. This will ensure your lipstick doesn’t adhere to the teeth,  every last one of us may have encountered, embarrassingly so throughout everyday life!

6. Eliminate eyelash glue.

Eliminate eyelash glue

Faux lashes look gorgeous and are very easy to put on. It very well may be interesting to get them off without pulling out your regular lashes, as well. Rub a bit of Vaseline on your lash-line and the falsies will fall off a lot simpler.

7. Keep your eyebrows in line.

Keep your eyebrows in lin- Interesting Ways To Use Vaseline In Home And Lifee

Vaseline can truly help in controlling and subduing uncontrollable eyebrows. A spot of it will assist with keeping your eyebrows smooth and glossy after you’re finished preparing and filling them.

8. Change matte eyeshadows.

Change matte eyeshadows

To transform your matte eyeshadows into a glowy one you should simply prime covers with vaseline jelly prior to applying matte shadows to give them an in a split second shiny sheen.

9. It takes out self-tanner streakiness.

It takes out self-tanner streakiness

Rub a little Vaseline along your wrists, lower legs, elbows and knees prior to putting forth a concentrated self-tanner to hold the equation back from sticking to any dry regions and stay away from inconsistency.

10. Stain removal

Stain removal

Eliminate cosmetics smudges for your garments in the event that it ends up contacting your face in any capacity. Spot a little Vaseline with a sodden fabric and it will make the mess a lot lighter and presumably take it off! It can even assistance in taking scrapes off patent calfskin shoes.

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The Best Makeup Trends For Women In 2021

Types Of Bridal Makeup Every Bride-To-Be Must Know Before Booking A Makeup Artist

The Best Makeup Trends For Women In 2021

After what feels like an unending length of time of skincare, and insignificant zoom-meeting makeup, its time for some intense, fun makeup trends. Regardless of whether you view yourself as a moderate delight aficionado or a makeup beginner, there is a stunner trends for everybody. Whatever makeup routine you follow, these makeup patterns are going to line up with your way to deal with magnificence during pandemic occasions! From intense, burgundy lipstick to splendidly hued lashes, these are the best makeup trends of 2021 that you need to think about.

1. No-Makeup Makeup look

beautiful makeup look by KBR Makeover

Perfect and dewy skin, gently flushed cheeks, nonpartisan hued lips, brushed up brows, fluttery lashes—they’re all vital elements in making this beautiful no makeup look. Wear it for day or night, for work or end of the week; in any case, you’ll look staggering.

2. Starry Lids

Starry Lids eye makeup look- KBR Makeovers

These elegant covers are verification that don’t have to go wild with shadow or liner to make an epic eye makeup look. To DIY, prep your lids with  an eye primer and afterward use tweezers to painstakingly put shimmery stars from your internal to external corners of your eyes. The sparkle adds the ideal measure of glitter and sparkle

3. Multicolor Eyes

Multicolor Eyes - Best Makeup Trends- KBR Makeovers

Continually spouting over brilliant eye makeup. Well my companions; the time is yours. 2021 has seen some truly cool and invigorating colorful eye trends. All you need is neutral-colored primer and a palette loaded with colorful shades.

4. Violet Lashes

Violet Lashes - KBR Makeovers

Violet Lashes talk more with regards to dramatization. It’s thus, so natural—just prep your lashes with a white lash mascara, then, at that point layer on a few layers of dazzling purple mascara.

5. Cat Eye liners

Cat Eye liners - KBR Makeovers

Get your dark fluid liners, people, in light of the fact that the exemplary cat eye is back for 2021. Pair it with intense temples, extra-long lashes, and impartial shaded matte lips for a look that is glitz yet nice.

6. Electric Blue Eyeliner

Electric Blue Eyeliner

The realistic eyeliner pattern isn’t going anyplace. Feel free to trade out your normal dark fluid eyeliner for a dazzling blue one and use it to draw a fresh cat eye, then, at that point tap a smidgen of shimmery shades on your internal corners to light up the entire look.

7. Sparkle eyeliners

Sparkle eyeliners

Change your eyelids into minimal happy party decorations with a swipe of thick sparkle. Leave the remainder of your face straightforward and let your eye look sparkle.

8. Glossy Eyes and Lips

Glossy Eyes and Lips

Simply utilize an neutral cream tone on your eyes and lips (you can even touch a little on your cheekbones) and finish it off with a face gloss sparkle for a wet-like sheen.

9. Berry Stained Lips

Berry Stained Lips

The best thing about lip stains? They don’t move. Exfloliate your lips first in any case the shade will sink into almost negligible differences or breaks and afterward press a popular, berry-hued stain directly onto your lips.

10. Red-Orange Lip

Red-Orange Lip

This isn’t your normal red lipstick second. The intense dark red shade has warm, orange-y suggestions and arrives in a matte completion that is absolutely staggering. Extra focuses for matching it with flushed cheeks and soft foreheads.

11. Peach Lips

Peach Lips

Delicate, simple, and remarkably wearable—the sweet lip pattern is ideally suited for consistently. Pick an analgesic recipe for a full, dewy impact. The peach lipsticks are perfect for summers just as for winters and assist with making your whole makeup look more set up.

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Types Of Bridal Makeup Every Bride-To-Be Must Know Before Booking A Makeup Artist

How to determine skin type ?