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Summer is all about playing with bright colors , radiant finish foundations and extra highlighter for that sun-kissed glow . Defining lips for the summer look should be fresh and effortless . Select a nude shade that is similar to your lip color . This will look more natural and fresh . For the eyes , brushed up brows are in trend , it enhances your grown out arches and open up your eyes. Take any bright color from your eyeshadow palette and apply all over your eyelids . Use of waterproof mascara is recommended for this season to withstand a hot summer day.


Peach is definitely the look , the color and the mood for spring. Try earth toned shadow that creates a soft Smokey eye and pair with a peachy pink or use coral shades to create an Ombre effect , finish your eye look by putting some lashes  . Blush is a product to use in this upcoming spring season , apply on the apple of your cheeks and blend into the skin with an angled brush . Medium coverage foundation and soft velvet – texture lipstick in a brown toned nude shade enhance the look completely .


Neither too bright nor too muted , colors like rust red , mustard yellow , mid Brown’s define autumn . Simple everyday makeup , using the usual products , but not a regular lipstick . Simple eyes with a few coats of Mascara and your eyes are done ,  just with a little bit of foundation and contour your look can be enhanced . Contouring will help your cheekbones look more chiseled and sucked in . Putting a semi -matte lipstick in crimson red shade add the perfect color , this warm red shade is not too dark and not too bright is perfect for this season.

Winter look

Maroon is one makeup color trend that’s not going away anytime soon , And winter is all about dark tone . Moreover , dark shades looks classic and stunning . Girls mostly hate the fact that sweat washes out their heavy makeup . However , in winter cold weather never leads to wash out . It’s actually the best time of the year to wear a bold red lip shade . There is a theory that there is one perfect shade of red for every woman.

Doing a full face of makeup with neutral eyes , winged liner or a graphic liner with a subtle blush compliments your bold lips this winter.


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